10 Advice For The Beginner Travellers

10 Advice For The Beginner Travellers

Hi Lifetime Travellers! Plan.Experience.Share.  Travelling is fun but not easy. Why? Simple, because of the preparation you have to do before and after your travel. But, stay calm. Here are the 10 advices for the beginner travellers.

Traveling is challenging too. Remembering the first time I traveled. At first, I traveled locally. I visited Palawan, Philippines. I am sure that everyone heard about it already. Palawan is a UNESCO destination in the Philippines. And my first international travel was in Thailand.

I am giving advice for the beginner travellers for you to experience travelling the best as possible. The first time I travelled, it was full and mix of emotions. It was normal. There is always “the first time” for everything. And as a first-timer, you may be encountering difficulties and adjustments. On this blog, I am giving you tips to be on how to act like a pro as a beginner traveller.


It is awesome to travel either you are alone or as a group. I talk to a lot of people back home that have never traveled, and have lots of questions about the basics. And also asked people who have been travelling and share their experiences. I compiled these into 10 tips to make that first international adventure go as smoothly as possible.

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Advice for beginner travellers

1. Don’t be scared

The first advice for beginner travellers is not to be scared. You are about to conquer the world. Taking the leap into the unknown is scary but, you aren’t the first person to travel the world. Don’t be scared of trying new things. That is one of the purposes of traveling- to enjoy the gift of nature. Many of us are afraid of trying something new. But, better to try now or never. You are going on an adventure? Try the things you’ve never done. Try new food, adventure, rides, and experience.

2. You do not need a lot of gears

Bring only what you need. I am putting this as advice for beginner travellers because sometimes we get too excited. As a result, we tend to bring as many clothes as we can. But, it doesn’t work like that. Pack the necessary things. The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist will guide you in packing your stuff. Think of the activities you are about to enjoy and pack only necessary gears. Do not bring your wardrobe. You don’t need to bring 10 luggage for 3 nights’ travel. be wise in packing. For sure you hate carrying things while dancing in the dance floor, right?

Buy a smaller bag than you think you might need. Avoid regular rolly bags, they’re more trouble than their worth. Personally, I prefer a good travel backpack. It is more convenient and less heavy. Big suitcases should be avoided at all costs (unless you’re going hiking or something and need to bring a lot of gear).

3. Get your phone sorted out

Before traveling makes sure you have 100% battery life. I am sure that you do not want to skip taking instagramable pictures, right? Millennials love updating their families and friends on the social media from time to time. So, make sure your battery is fully charged before leaving your house.

I am advising this for travellers who will be travelling for quite long. For international travellers, If your phone is unlocked you can get, probably, a local SIM card for cheap high-speed data, wherever you go. Forget overpriced travel data plans. Upon arrival, purchase a local SIM. Before travelling search for the best SIM card provider that suits your needs.

4. Budget your money

This is one of the biggest problems in traveling. Before traveling, plan the activities you might be doing. Try to budget and calculate your daily expenses. But, take extra. Take your credit card with you.

Have a cushion! No matter how well you budget, you can never plan for all the disasters or itinerary changes. Or along the road, you may want to buy some extra stuff you didn’t plan to buy. No matter how well you plan, something can always come up and throw your budget out of whack.

Budget the travel. Take extra money. Spend wisely. And enjoy the travel.

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5. Install the right applications

Download Maps.me, the number one travellers’ offline map. It is always best to have offline and online maps on your smartphone.

6. Do not be shy

Some travelers were extrovert. Maybe, this is also your case. Don’t be shy. There is nothing wrong with saying “hello”. Ask if not sure. Don’t be shy in hotels and restaurants. The first time I checked-in in a hotel, I didn’t even know that the slippers are for free to use. I know it is funny. Not only that, but I also didn’t get the food on the plane because I thought I have to pay them afterward ( I didn’t know that the food was complimentary).

7. Learn the Basic language

Atleast you learn the basics. Learn how they say “hello”, “good morning”, “how much”, “where is”, “can I have”, “I would like to order”, “yes”, “no”, etc. Learning the basics will ease your journey. I am advising you this because this is a big help. There are some cultures or countries that the prices are different if you are a local or tourist. Learning how to bargain using their language will make you save money.

Moreover, I recommend downloading Duolingo or Babbel to learn the basics. You may also want to have your own translator applications like google translator.

8. Stay attentive from thieves

One of the most important Advice for beginner travellers is to stay attentive. If you are not familiar with the place, it is better to ask the right authorities for directions or instructions. Be careful from thieves. Do not leave your belongings far from your sight. I’ve seen people leaving their stuff. I learned from it, trust me. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with being a little cautious.

You don’t need to lash your belongings to your chest with steel cables every time you leave the hotel. Moreover, be aware of your surroundings. If someone could casually pick up something, or pull it out of your hands without any effort, maybe that’s not the best place for it.

9. It is time to experience

Yes, you’ve been dreaming about it. And now you are about to or you are experiencing it already. Try their delicacies. Try their food. Learn their culture. Eat to a local restaurant. If you go to Morocco, then taste Moroccan food. Do not just lay down in your bed, move, and experience the world.

10. Relax and enjoy the trip

Lastly, I advise beginner travelers to relax. Why? Some people are stressed from the beginning of the travel planning. Plan simple trips and do not worry about things. Make a list of the things you have to do and check what you are missing. Do not get stress. Enjoy the trip. May 29, 2020, will never come again. Enjoy every minute of the travel. Don’t let things ruin your holiday. Relax, enjoy the company, and have fun. If you need help to book discounted tickets and accommodation, just book from Agoda.

Travel the Fun!

To conclude, being a first-timer isn’t bad at all. You are not alone. All the pro travellers began from being a beginner. This 10 Advice for beginner Travellers will help you to ease and enjoy more your travel experiences.

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