10 Reasons to Pay a Visit Rome, Italy

10 Reasons to pay a Visit Rome Italy

Why pay a visit to Rome? Here the facts about Rome. Rome is famous for its holiness. Now, let me convince you to pay a visit to Rome. I am sharing with you the reasons why visit Rome, Italy.

I know this is everyoners’ dream. To see and witness the real beauty of Rome and not just in the book.

The capital of one of the world’s most powerful ancient empires, Rome is an amazing place that has inspired people to visit it for millennia. With its breathtaking architectures, buildings and monuments, beyond belief works of art, small-town charm, leisurely pace of life and world-renowned cuisine, the Eternal City is worth a visit at least once. However, it would take a lifetime to see all Rome has to offer.

Honestly, I cried the first time I stepped in in Rome. I flew for about 20 hours just to witness and embrace the beauty of the eternal city. I never thought of coming here and see the Vatican, Pantheon, Colosseo, Fontana Trevi, etc. For me, it is an honor.

10 Reasons to Visit Rome – let me enlighten you!

If you’re planning a trip to Europe or in Italy to be specific, chances are good you will fly in or out of Rome.

With all the cities in Italy, why you should dedicate some time in the Eternal City, here are the Reasons to Visit Rome, Italy:

1. The Food

Firstly, the food is healthy, delicious, and cheap. Okay. Yes, our first on the list of reasons to visit Rome, Italy is Roman Food. Who would like to tase the authentic spaghetti alla carbonara? If you are, then pay Rome a visit.

Travelers to Italy often worry about how they will maintain a healthy diet in the land of pizza and pasta. In consequence, Italian cooking strikes a balance between food groups and incorporates plenty of fresh, seasonal ingredients into each meal. With rules that protect farmers and consumers and on locally sourced food, you’ll be surprised how healthy you feel after dining out in Rome. Trust me!

2. Sweet Lifestyle

Embrace the Roman style. I mean sweet lifestyle. This is definitely one of the reasons to visit Rome, Italy.

In general, Italians are dolce or sweet. Not only their culture is sweet but also their lifestyle. The way people greet is quite different from other nationalities. They kiss left and right chicks. So sweet, isn’t it?

Fell the breeze of the magic and spirits. Everywhere you go, you see people holding gelato, Italian ice cream. Look unto your left and to your right, you will see people hugging and kissing their partners. ( I am sorry, this is something I am not used too. So, I included that.)

3. Multi Culture

Another one of the top 10 reasons why Rome is worth it to visit is its diverse culture.

Fortunately, wherever I go, I see Filipinos, my kababayan. Rome is a big city where cultural diversity is met. There are a lot of expatriates like me living and enjoying their lives here. Students from other cities and abroad come over to Rome to study.

Since Rome is the center capital of Italy, expect different races from different countries.

Another facet related to Roman Italian culture is ‘family-oriented’. In Rome, the family unit is extremely important and relatives see each other often. This is to say, that on Sundays when everyone gathers at their grandparents’ house for a leisurely lunch (children often stop by their parents’ house for dinner during the week also). While other cultures may value independence more, Italians prefer to stay at home for longer. As a result, this maintains stronger ties with their families.

4. Holy Land

Another reason to visit Rome, Italy is its holiness. Yes, after thinking of Jerusalem, the Jordan River, and the Mediterranean Sea, think of the Vatican City! I am very grateful for witnessing its authentic beauty. The Vatican is located at the heart of Rome. The Vatican City, ecclesiastical state, the seat of the Roman Catholic Church, and an enclave in Rome, situated on the west bank of the Tiber River.

Not only the Vatican you can see in Rome. Witness also the beauty of old churches around the city with amazing architectures

5. History

Wherever we go, we always ask how and why, right? We are always curious to know the history of places. Well, to tell you, Rome is full of surprising histories.

Everyone knows that Rome is playing a big role in the Roman Catholic religion. Moreover, it has been so crucial that UNESCO included its city center in the World Heritage List.

The role Rome has played in history. Rome has been the home to emperors, poets, warriors, conquerors, and the birthplace of war strategies, marketing techniques (Panem et circenses), and advanced urban planning.

Well, Eternal City’s history is more than enough reason why pay a visit to Rome, Italy.

6. Architecture

Trust me when I say, “Roman architecture is like no other architecture in the world”. Imposing yet elegant, majestic yet sophisticated, that is Rome. A style that has been influenced by the different chapters of history, commencing right from royal times, carrying on during the Renaissance and Baroque ages.

Alongside palaces and noble residences, Roman urban development and planning are constantly studied and referred to, and its famous waterway still in use up to time.

Trust me when I say, wherever you go, you see the beautiful architecture in Rome, Italy. Every single spot is instagramable. Its amazing architecture is definitely one of the reasons why you should visit Rome, Italy.

7. Fashion

Admit it, Italians know a thing or two about clothes and fashion. The “Made in Italy” signature is held with pride and trust. In Rome, head yourself to Via del Corso or Via Nazionale for some trendy and budget shopping, or Via Dei Condotti facing Piazza di Spagna if you feel like spitting out good cash. Here you can wreck yourself with some exclusive and lavish brands such as Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, or Bulgari among the others.

Always remember this, ‘Lesser-known streets, lesser-known brands’. Well, I guess, that is pretty much everywhere. Sometimes small alleys hide some true fashion gems that will pull you off as happy as larger brands.

8. Art in the Street

 Either it is the historic center or the lesser-known zone, street art projects are taking over the eternal city. Yes, art is everywhere in Rome. This proves that Rome is full of beauty. From street walls to the tip of the street, art is seen.

9. Beautiful weather

Rome is not hot and not that cold. Rome is forgiven with mild weather. This is why all seasons, with their own spotlights, are good to travel to the Italian capital. During wintertime, you can enjoy the true value of the Christmas festive atmosphere with lights, markets, and events for New Year’s eve.

During the summer, Rome is quite hot. However, Rome is still packed with tourists. If you have the chance to choose, pick another season to avoid soaking in the crowd. Autumn is a very charming season to visit Rome, with its romantic light, falling leaves, and fresh weather.

10. Reasonable Prices

Not cheap and not extravagant. That is Rome. Yes, this is one of the reasons why paying a visit to Rome, Italy. There is no need to make your wallet cry.

Compared to some other cities in Itlay and in Europe, Rome is not that expensive.

 Accommodation options vary in prices and classes. You will find both luxury hotels for only 1.000€ per night and B&B or guesthouses for only around 60€. Depending on the season and evidently the neighborhood, you will see the differences.

Transport-wise, taxis are pretty costly, while public transport is not expensive. A single ticket that lasts 100 minutes costs €1.50 only and it’s valid for a metro ride, a train ride, and as many bus rides as you can fit before the minutes expire.

Moreover, there is another method of transportation in Rome. Using the electric scooter. You have several options to choose from. Just download the scooter’s app, scan the QR code, and ride. Just make sure to be safe while riding the scooter. Make sure to follow the city guidelines.

There are hundreds of reasons why paying a visit to Rome, Italy. However, these 10 reasons should convince you enough to witness its natural beauty.

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