9 Exciting and Fun Things To Do in Dubai with Family


Dubai is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. So a family trip to Dubai would be really fun and memorable. There are so many places you should definitely visit especially if you are with your family. Dubai has everything stretching from manmade to natural not to mention the top-notch shopping experience. You’ll obviously need a car to go to these places. You should make sure that your car is not equipped with cheap tires while going to Dubai to avoid any inconvenience. Suppose you own a Land Rover and suddenly your car breaks down which may ruin your whole trip. You will then look for a Land Rover repair services shop. It is a wise idea to keep the PitstopArabia number on your phone in case of emergency. Apart from selling top-quality tires, PitstopArabia offers top-quality repair services for your car all over UAE. Now coming back to our topic, here are the top 9 exciting and fun things to do in Dubai with your family.

Exciting and Fun Things To Do in Dubai with Family

Everyone knows about the United Arab Emirates or UAE. Everyone knows about Dubai. Why? Because they are creating a history of economic evolution. Years ago, Dubai was struggling to innovate and elevate its economy. But because of the good command and direction of the King, Dubai became like no other city.

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Dubai is one of the most diverse cities in the world now. They almost have everything. Everything that you need to survive and to satisfy your cravings in traveling. This man-made city is known for luxury shopping, ultramodern infrastructure, and architecture. Moreover, Dubai is also known for its nightlife events, scenes, and amazing places. So, here are the top-rated, exciting, and fun things to do in Dubai with your family.


On our first list of the topexciting and fun things to do in Dubai with your family is Legoland. Every child and even parents who have played with Legos and built so many fun things over the years wish to go to LEGOLAND Dubai and actually experience Legos in the shape of a theme park that offers exciting games, restaurants, Lego-themed rides, and thrilling shows. LEGOLAND Dubai should be on your go-to list with family.


Whenever you think of Dubai, desert safari instantly comes to your mind. Desert Safari in Dubai is one of the top fun things to do with family and your trip remains incomplete without going there. Desert Safari offers a great experience that includes camel riding, safari, dune bashing, sandboarding, riding a dirt bike, and many more other fun activities.


As the name indicates, the Dubai miracle garden is a sight no less than a miracle that consists of more than 50 million flowers along with 250 million plants hence making it the world’s biggest garden for natural flowers.  It is a must-visit place with family and it’s truly a remarkable place full of colors and natural beauty. You’ll never be disappointed going here with family as everyone would fall in love with this garden.


Which child or an adult is not fond of cars? Ferrari world is on the bucket list of almost everyone who comes to Dubai hence making it one of the topmost places to go with your family. Ferrari world is the world’s biggest indoor theme park. You can enjoy about 17 Ferrari rides and top-notch simulators. Moreover, you can also enjoy the great food over there along with a fine shopping experience.


If you are in Dubai with family and don’t go to aqua venture waterpark then you have missed out on a lot of fun activities. Aqua venture is not only Europe’s top-ranked waterpark but also Middle East’s as well.  You should really go on water slides with your family as they are not like your ordinary slides. Moreover, the waterpark also has other fun activities for you and your family which include The lost chamber aquarium and Dolphin Adventure.

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The Dubai fountain is equivalent to the size of two football fields making it the world’s biggest choreographed fountain. The most amazing thing about it is that this fountain performs, dances on the choreographer’s instruction. Moreover, there is a fountain lake ride available as well where you can take your family on a ride and enjoy the fountain dance and all lit up in amazing lights.


Can you in your wildest imagination ever think about skiing in Dubai? A city which is located in the heart of the desert. Well to your surprise it has been made possible. Ski Dubai is a resort located indoors in Emirates Mall. You along with your family members can enjoy skiing, chair lift, snowboarding and can interact with live Penguins as well. Sounds really exciting and fun doesn’t it?


The global village is one of Dubai’s topmost tourist attractions where people come from all over the world just to experience the global village. The global village consists of about 40 pavilions from different parts of the world and you can buy their local products and learn about their culture. It is a great place to visit with family as children including adults can learn a lot about different cultures and buy their traditional products. The global village is not only about pavilions, but it also offers musical events, magic shows, and funfair rides which you can enjoy with your family.


It is home to about 3000 animal species which includes plants and birds as well. It is one of the best places to go with family as it is not only adventurous but both adults and kids can get to see so many animals and plants species and learn a lot and gain new knowledge.

UAE and Dubai have plenty of beautiful places to offer. Moreover, Dubai is becoming a worldwide tourist destination for everyone. So, visit Dubai and have fun with your family. I hope you like our top 9exciting and fun things to do in Dubai with your family.

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