Avoid Biggest Mistakes in Hotel- Checking in and Out

Avoid Biggest Mistakes in Hotel When Checking in and Out by Lifetime Traveller

Have you finished packing your baggage? Ready to travel again? To maximize your stay in the hotel, avoid the biggest mistakes during check-in and checkout. This checklist of biggest mistakes in the hotel will surely make you realize that you are practicing them too.

Hotel Hacks

Stepping in and stepping out in the hotel is not that simple as you are thinking. Before and after you experience the hotel, there are some reminders that you should never forget. There are always dos and don’ts everywhere. In the hotel, there are things that a traveller should avoid when checking in and checking out.

To make sure to avoid the biggest mistakes when checking in and checking out, here is the list that you should know.

Approaching the reception and registering as an in-house is called checking-in. After making a reservation, the next process of registration is checking in. The hotel needs the physical YOU.

Leaving the room, handing over the keycards, and bidding goodbye? That is checking out.

Avoid Biggest Mistakes in Hotel- Checking in and Out by Lifetime Traveller
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Biggest Mistakes in Hotel

Save money while travelling and avoid these biggest mistakes. Here are the biggest mistakes to avoid when checking in and checking out in the hotel:

1. Not Listening to the Front Office Agent

This is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid when checking in the hotel. Yes, many of us don’t listen, because of excitement to see the room, we are no longer paying attention to everything. But, always remember that all the necessary information that you have to know during your stay in the hotel is being explained at the front desk when you check-in.

Avoid Biggest Mistakes in Hotel- Checking in and Out by Lifetime Traveller

Respect at least the agent that is speaking with you. There are guests who avoid listening and focusing only on their own businesses.

This is a very good example. During check-in, the front office agent explains how the wi-fi works in the hotel. There are guests who are using their phones while talking. Upon arriving in the room, they will call the reception and ask the wi-fi password. If this is you, then better change.

2. Not Requesting for FREE Early Check-in and Late Checkout

Another mistake to avoid when checking in is not asking for FREE early check-in and late checkout. Most of the hotels, the standard time for check-in is 2 PM. On the other hand, the standard checkout time is 12 PM. When reserving a room, make sure to ask the early check-in. Then upon arrival in the hotel, ask for late checkout.

The hotel can not guarantee your early check-in during the reservation. Most often they would say, “we can not guarantee this request in advance”. But, they will at least make a note in the system regarding your request. Most smart and luxury hotel properties will try and accommodate the request. Whether you gain one hour or four, you’re winning. You can call the hotel front desk team one or two days before your arrival date to follow up on your requests.

Normally, the hotel charge you for early check-in and late checkout. But, ask politely if they can give you a favor by extending your stay hours.

But, bear in mind that hotels prioritize their guests who are members of their loyalty program. Be part of the hotel rewards program. Do not miss the perks. Hotels give freebies and complementaries to their loyal guests.

3. Not Mentioning the Occasion

Want to celebrate your anniversary, birthday, or occasions in the hotel? Then, tell them! Yes, it is your birthday and you would like to celebrate it in the hotel. If you failed to mention what you are celebrating in the hotel during reservation, it is not too late yet. Mention to the front office agent that you are celebrating a special occasion with them. Not mentioning the occasion is definitely one of the biggest mistakes in the hotel when checking in.

Avoid this mistake by bringing up during your check-in time.

Some hotels are very nice enough to give complementaries and freebies to their guest who is celebrating something. You might receive a free voucher, free dinner, free items, or even a free upgrade.

4. Not Asking for a Better Room

You have the right to chose your room. Do not be afraid and shy to ask for a better room. Mention your room preferences and ask if it is possible to be granted. If you prefer a quiet room, speak up and be heard. Avoid the biggest mistakes in the hotel by mentioning your preferred room.

We do not want to be a pain in the ass in the hotel. We can not afford to complain because of not asking what we really want. Be humble and ask for a suitable room for you.

5. Not Asking About FREE Upgrade

Are you entitled to a FREE room upgrade? You will never know until you ask the front desk. There are some cases that the hotels give free upgrades for their guests. If you are a member of their loyalty program, you have a higher chance to be upgraded for free. Collect point whenever you shop, dine or stay in the hotel by presenting your membership rewards card.

It is not too late yet to be upgraded and avoid the biggest mistakes in the hotel. Grab your phone, ask about loyalty program and get a chance to enjoy freebies and perks like FREE room upgrade.

6. Not Clarifying the Hotel Fees

Before grabbing and consuming all the food that you see inside your room, ask the hotel staff if they are free of charge. There are resorts who give freebies inside their guests’ rooms. During check-in, ask if what are paid and unpaid products and services. Guests love freebies. However, hotels love extra charges for their guests. So, be attentive and be aware of hidden charges.

Don’y make a mistake in using and using the hotel facilities and amenities. There are terms and conditions behind them. There are hotels that only guests who stay in suite rooms who have the access the guests lounge. If you make a mistake by entering, you may ended up paying $$$$$$ when you check out. So, be mindful of the hotel fees.

7. Forgetting to Do a Final Sweep of Your Room

This is very important. But, most of us, this is one of the biggest mistakes when staying in the hotel.

Stay calm and check all your belongings before leaving the room. Whether it’s five in the morning or five minutes past check-out time, make sure to give your hotel room one last good look for your belongings. Look under the bed, shake out those bedsheets, peep into the shower, and double-check the closet and the safe. If you leave something behind in a hotel room, it can be surprisingly hard to give it back to you once you’ve checked out. 

8. Rush Checkout

This is your final moment with the hotel. Enjoy your last hours. Never ever rush in checking out. You might leave some of your belongings for rushing. Manage very well your time and avoid rushing. There is no need to run to the front desk.

Lifetime Traveller Tip: As per hotel standard operating procedure, the housekeepers check your room before leaving the hotel. Call the reception at least 5 minutes before leaving your room to get your room inspected to avoid delays.

9. Grab Some Souvenirs

This doesn’t mean that you have to take home the hotel robes, bedsheets, and plates.

Grab some souvenirs to remember your hotel stay. You may grab some of the freebies that are included. For example, the little toiletry bottles, slippers, etc. Always remember that the housekeepers will have to inspect your room before leaving. Behave and be a responsible guest. The TV is not for FREE. You can not afford to see your name on the blacklisted list, right?

Lifetime Traveller Tip: For security reasons, you must surrender your room key. Present yourself in check out counter and hand over the key cards.

10. Not Reviewing the Bills Before Checking Out

If you’re leaving the hotel early in the morning, review the charges the night before. It can be a pain on your last night, but resolving errors after checkout with your credit card company is far more irritating. We do not want this to happen.

A day before you checkout, make sure to see and be updated regarding your hotel bills. Why? To see and check if all the transactions are recorded correctly. Moreover, you have time to clarify your bill just in case there are errors. Leave yourself an extra time to review your bill with the front desk before checking out.

Avoid Biggest Mistakes in Hotel- Checking in and Out by Lifetime Traveller Guest Checking the Bill

In addition to that, checking your bill early will help you to determine how much money you should prepare.

11. Hiding the Problem While Checking Out

Did something bother your stay in the hotel? You were not happy? If something bothered you about your hotel stay, whether it be a noisy fridge, a leaky faucet, or a shower that never seemed to heat up, make sure the hotel knows about it. 

Some of us are good at complaining. Then, discuss the problem while there is a time to make things right. Share your hotel stories on the front desk. Do not write in TripAdvisor, Hotels.com, or in Booking.com, immediately without raising your concern to the hotel management.

I am very sure that the hotel will try to solve your concern. There is no need to post on social media and burst out there how you feel without letting the hotel know.

Lifetime Traveller Tip: Your fans and followers can not solve your hotel problem. The only way to solve your problem is by discussing it with the hotel team.

12. Not Leaving a Tip for the Hotel Staff Before Checkout

Not leaving a gratuity for the good hotel staff is one of the biggest mistakes you’ve done. There is no need to give $100. There is a special envelope at the compendium table. Open and leave your presents.

Reward your favorite hotel staff for working hard. If you have a favorite waiter, go to the restaurant and hand over the tip and smile. For housekeepers, you may leave it inside the envelope or leave it open on the table. Leave it open and seeable. Make a note that the money is for the good housekeepers who clean and made up your room during your stay.

Lifetime Traveller Tip: One problem with tipping is the person you tip may not have been the one who tidied your room yesterday. But, one thing is true: Housekeepers definitely aren’t getting rich cleaning your room, so tips help.

Stay calm and think about how to keep away from these biggest mistakes in the hotel during check-in and checkout.

This list of things to avoid mistakes when checking in and out should be remembered at all times. Know your rights in the hotel. The best way to avoid these mistakes when checking in and out is to ask the hotel staff if you have something in mind or in doubt.

Lifetime Traveller Tip:

Lacking attention to avoid these biggest mistakes while checking in and out in the hotels may lead you to unsuccessful enjoyment while travelling. Enjoy your hotel vacation!

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