Avoid Extra Guests Fees: Book at VacationStayz.com

Book directly-Avoid Extra Guests Fees

Our main goal is to avoid extra guests fees. Why paying for nothing? Instead of paying cancellation, upfront, consultation, and booking fees, book at VacationStayz.com

Everyone have heard about vacation rentals. But, don’t you know that not all vacation rentals are good?

Let us all avoid extra guests fees. We all know that AirBnB and VRBO have been taking booking fees to both the host and the guest. It doesn’t feel great but, we’ve swallowed it because we love the authenticity of staying in a home, instead of a hotel. That comfort of walking into space without waiting in line, checking in, and relying on others to take care of your needs. In a vacation rental, you can be self-sufficient – cook your own meals, do your own laundry, make your bed vs. don’t make your bed – no one cares. Maybe you’re sharing the space with the host, maybe not. Depending on the rental, you might have some outdoor space and some special amenities. You chose the experience, and it’s uniquely suited to your needs. Once you find that situation, you swallow the booking fee. It’s just the price you pay, right?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there.  Once you book, you’re locked in – this experience that’s supposed to be shared between the host and the guest is now riddled with policies and fees that don’t exactly suit what either of you had in mind. So, sit back and this article will tell you how to avoid extra guests fees.

The new brand: VacationStayz.com

The solution to avoid extra guests fees is VacationStayz.com. What if we could give you all the incredible experiences of vacation rentals without the booking fee? Introducing VacationStayz.com – a vacation rental booking site that connects owners and guests directly. We bring you together, and never come between you. There are NO booking fees for guests and hosts. Choose between a modest commission or a flat annual listing fee. It’s the ultimate hands-off booking site.

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Why Guests Love It

Get personalized experience

Everyone is unique. Personalize your own experience. Less hassle with VacationStayz.com. If you encounter some problem, deal with your host directly. No middle man with VacationStayz.com.

Immediate response and actions

Easy Extend Stay

Simple, ask your host to extend your stay. That’s it! no more dramas. o need to deal with any agents. There is no need to go through a complicated process and tack on even more fees.

Easy Negotiation

You experience any trouble? Negotiate and solve the problem immediately with your host. No more dramatic agents handling your concerns. Your humble hosts will surely immediately solve your concerns. You will not have a third party getting in between you quoting “policy”.

Save Money

Why pay for nothing? There is no need to pay for booking and cancellation fees. Booking directly will absolutely make you save money. Vacationstayz.com is now the solution to avoid guests fees.

Why Hosts Love It

Direct contact with the guests

Guests can contact you directly. Unlike others, VacationStayz.com is just right there guiding you. It will help you directly link to your guests. Whether you use the website to contact the guests or not, it’s your call.

Make your own policy

VacationStayz.com is just your basis. But, you can personalize your own policy. Set your own arrival time and departure time standard. As long as you and the guests are happy, they will support you.

Free to choose payment method

You can set your own payment mechanism. Choose the payment method that you accept. The best thing here is you handle your own taxes.

Decide whom to guests

Make your own decision about who will stay and who doesn’t. As long as you and the guests are comfortable with each other, VacationStayz.com is out of it. It is your space. Decide who will occupy your space.

Get Higher Revenue

Who doesn’t like better revenue? Nothing, obviously. Booking directly saves a lot of money. Both hosts and guests can save money through VacationStayz.

You do your own homework, and you reap the reward. You both get to keep more of what you want, and less of what you don’t. Join the community of vacationstayz.com on Instagram.

Planning to go to Florence? Then book wisely. Remember, pay only what you deserve. Avoid extra guests fees. Book at Vacationstayz.

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12 thoughts on “Avoid Extra Guests Fees: Book at VacationStayz.com”

  1. Wow! Awesome! But what are the edges of this site? Is it better than airbnb? Never heard this before..

  2. I checked on the website and something is wrong. But I went through the pricing of homeowner and I was shocked! They have FREE MEMBERSHIP! Wow!!!

    1. If you are talking about damage on the property, the homeowners has the right to accept the booking or not. They both should agree to the terms and conditions including accidental damages. That is why they make their own policy. There is a strong agreement between the hot and the guest.

  3. Madeleine Belle

    Wow! Always good articles. I am looking forward for more articles like this, Jeric! Keep it up! We will book here next time.

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