Beautiful Squares to Visit in Rome with Lifetime Traveller

Beautiful Squares to Visit in Rome

There is always something to try and to see in Rome, Italy. The Eternal city is full of enchanted, charming, and instagramable destinations. One of the Romans’ pride is the beautiful and scenic squares. In my previous posts, I have shared with you the reasons why pay a visit to Rome, Italy. Moreover, I also shared some tips to survive in Italy as an expat together with the most beautiful fountain and what makes Rome a famous city. So, today, I would like to encourage you to visit the beautiful squares in Rome.

Apart from its history, what I love the most in Rome, is that each square, statue, street, park, and piece of art had long and eventful lives. At this juncture, we’ll walk through my top favorite piazzas you can visit and experience in Rome, and add your own story to their magical history!

I can’t wait to share them now. So, let us get started on our journey to the beautiful squares to visit in Rome!

Beautiful Squares to See in Rome

#1 Piazza San Pietro

Piazza San Pietro is St. Peter’s Square in english. It is located in Vatican City, right in front of St. Peter’s Basilica. It’s one of those places that you can never, ever skip when you visit Rome, Italy. Above all, It is too way beautiful to ignore. Whenever I visit the charming Piazza San Pietro, I feel the positive and power of the holy God. There’s no way I would want to miss to soak up some good vibes from this square!

Piazza San Pietro- beautiful places in Rome, Italy
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Piazza San Pietro in Vatican City

St. Peter’s Square is one of the largest squares in Italy. In the center of the piazza is an ancient Egyptian obelisk. And on the two sides, there are two fountains facing each other, looking very much alike but, one was designed by Bernini and one by Carlo Maderno.

To sum up, The square in St. Peter is truly one of those places in Rome that just simply cannot be missed by anyone. So, Visit St. Peter Square in Vatican City, one of the most remarkable squares to witness in Rome!

#2 Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona is a public and open space in Rome, Italy. Piazza Navona was built in the 1st century A.D. on the site of the Stadium of Domitian. During the time of ancient, they used to go there to watch the agones, and hence it was known as “Circus Agonalis”. Further, Piazza Navona originally designed as a ring in the Roman Empire. Later, they used the site as a market before Pope Innocent X decided to reconstruct it as a memorial to his family in the mid-17th century.

piazza navona rome italy
PIazza Navona in Rome

Scenic, fabulous, charming, relaxing, that is how I describe Piazza Navona. In the afternoon, witness the different performers besides the lovely fountain.

In short, Piazza Navona is absolutely one of the most stupendous squares to visit in Rome, Italy!

#3 Piazza Del Popolo

This is my spot. Located in the city center, Piazza Del Popolo is very accessible for everyone. There are buses, metro, tram via nearby. The name in modern Italian literally means “People’s Square”. However, historically it derives from the poplars after which the church of Santa Maria del Popolo, in the northeast corner of the square, takes its name.

Believe me, when I say Piazza del Popolo is one of the most beautiful squares in the world! With churches, fountains in the middle and around, and the big Flaminio Obelisk, this square welcomes thousands of tourists every day. After witnessing the beautiful piazza, straight to the shopping street, Via del Corso links Piazza del Popolo with Piazza Venezia, which is principally in the midway of the historic center.

Piazza del Popolo- Best places to visit in Rome Italy
Piazza del Popolo- Best places to visit in Rome Italy.

So, don’t forget to visit the astonishing Piazza Del Popolo when heading up in Rome, Italy! You will surely enjoy the walk!

#4 Piazza Venezia

Firstly, Piazza Venezia is the central hub of the eternal city. Literally, Piazza Venezia is in the middle of every single beautiful destination in Rome. Venezia Square is surrounded by the historical sites of Rome. In the southern part of the piazza, the outstanding Monument of Victor Emanuel II (‘Il Vittoriano’) can be easily seen. To celebrate the Italian Unification, dated between 1855 and 1911, the monument was built.

Piazza Venezia- Altar of the Fatherland, Best beautiful places to visit in Rome
Piazza Venezia- Altar of the Fatherland

This square is very special. You can start your Rome journey here as it will directly lead you the way to the Pantheon, the Piazza Navona, Vatican City, Colosseum, The Roman Forum, and even Piazza Spagna.

So, head up to Piazza Vanezia and visit the amazing and historical places of Rome.

#5 Piazza Della Rotonda

Firstly, it can be considered as the emblem of the eternal city. Standing in Piazza Della Rotonda, Pantheon, an iconic building in Rome, Italy. Pantheon is one of the best-preserved memory of the Roman Empire.

piazza della rotonda-pantheon, top beautiful squares in Rome Italy
Piazza della Rotonda-Pantheon
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The amazing Pantheon!

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The scenic Piazza della Rotonda is surrounded by restaurants and coffee shops. In addition to that, gelateria is waving at you. Choose from the ice cream places and indulge with the delicious Italian gelati.

Unfortunately, the square is always busy. Therefore, make sure to watch out for your belongingness as many bad persons scatter in the area during busy hours.

#6 Piazza di Spagna

Piazza di Spagna, at the bottom of the Spanish Steps, is one of the most popular squares in Eternal City. This square is one of the renowned piazzas in Rome.

Piazza di Spagna- Spanish Steps, beautiful places to Visit in Rome, Italy
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Piazza di Spagna- Spanish Steps

Hence, the Spanish steps are one of the busiest spots in Rome. Just right in front of the famous tramps, there is a scenic fountain where people sit and enjoy the charming view. The fountain named ‘Fontana Della Barcaccia’ (Fountain of the ugly boat). Pietro Bernini, father of the famous Gian Lorenzo Bernini designed the Fontana Della Barcaccia.

#7 Piazza Campo dei Fiori

From Monday through Saturday Campo dei Fori houses a market well-known for its flowers and fruit and vegetable since 1869. Every morning except Sunday, the square is heaving with colorful stalls selling different items. Surrounded by bars and restaurants, Campo dei Fiori is waiting for you. During weekends, young people and students gather and meet here. They grab some drinks in one of the many cocktail bars and pubs around the piazza.

piazza di campo de fiori, things to visit in Rome
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Piazza di Campo de Fiori

Meanwhile, in history, the square was also used for executions. In addition, the big bronze statue of philosopher Giordano Bruno reminds us that he was sentenced to death. Moreover, he was accused of heresy and he was burnt alive here on the 17th of February 1600.

Final thoughts on the Beautiful Squares to Visit in Rome

So, if you are planning to visit Rome, heads up to Campo dei Fiori and do your grocerry shopping after your hot coffee!

To clarify, there are more piazzas and squares to visit in Rome. Rome is full of beautiful squares that no one can afford to miss. My favorite square is the Piazza San Pietro. I personally like the power and energy it gives me whenever I visit it.

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