Benefits Of Direct Booking With Hotels and Airlines

book directly to the website better than online travel agency

Perks and Benefits of Booking Directly

When traveling we always think about where to book and which property and airline we should take. Here I am discussing why we should choose to book directly to the property than hiring a travel agency or booking through a third party company. I will make this simple for you. There are plenty of benefits and freebies of direct booking.

book directly to the website to enjoy  Benefits Of Direct Booking
book directly to the website to enjoy FREEBIES

If things go wrong…much easier to sort out / change things

We hate hassles. Nobody likes to be hassled. We want everything to be like super fast. Booking through an online travel agency (OTA) or third party companies sometimes compromise. Another benefit of direct booking is creating fewer dramas. Fewer dramas with plenty of benefits. Hotels and airlines can easily process your amendments and requests. Examples, refund, cancellation, payments, etc.

Booking directly usually guarantees to get the lowest price available

Booking directly to the website has plenty of perks and benefits. When you book through an agency, sometimes there are hidden charges. Hotels give the Best available rate. But let me just clarify this. Best available rate (BAR) pricing is an attempt to reduce that confusion and to guarantee that the guest is quoted the lowest available rate for each night of a multiple-night stay. As a result, instead of paying the same price for each room-night, the guest would pay different prices each night. Best rate guarantees are offered by almost all big hotel chains in the world. These guarantees became famous as a way for hotels to alleviate the loss of business to third party sites (,, Trivago,, etc.) which take a sizable cut of each booking (some of the third party sites now also offer their own best available rates).

exclusive yours when you book directly to the company website and Benefits Of Direct Booking
exclusive yours when you book directly to the company website

More advantages in case of requests, changes, delays, or cancellations

Let say there is a problem with your booking and you have to contact someone to fix it. If you didn’t book directly to the property, you’ll be pointed to the third party you used instead of being offered straightforward communication, or any sort of remedy and restitution that may be given to guests who booked directly with the hotel or airline. Plus, reservations made through an online travel agency may not be processed properly, leading to the hotels/airlines and websites passing blame back and forth, all the while leaving you out from the sight. If there are request you wish to be made, usually the OTA still have to confirm with the airline or hotel before confirming. And this is what we are trying to avoid- HASSLE. Why should we wait for so long to receive confirmation if we can deal with the problem directly to the property, right?

Pay no additional booking changes or cancellation fees

Since you booked directly to the website, sometimes they will not ask you to pay for cancellation or booking fees. This is already a big saving for your trip. Some OTA place some hidden fees on their terms and conditions which most of us ignore them to read.  If you want to avoid hidden fees or policies, your best way to get the best deal is through booking directly to the website.

Take advantage of benefits and participate in the loyalty program

This is one of the several benefits of direct booking- earn rewards. A loyalty program is a marketing strategy designed by hotels and airlines to encourage their customers to continue to shop at or use the services associated with the program. Today’s trend in customer loyalty is giving rewards, points, and elite memberships to their very loyal customers. Book directly with a hotel or airline website so you don’t miss out on points and elite benefits. If you are a member of their loyalty program, you can enjoy plenty of perks. Loyalty program is a rewards program that a company offers to encourage loyalty and long-term guests and customers by offering freebies: discounts, merchandise, rewards, coupons, or even advance released products. But not all airlines and hotels offer a loyalty rewards program. Unlike most luxury hotel groups, Four Seasons does not have a formal loyalty program.

loyalty program of the hotels and airlines to enjoy Benefits Of Direct Booking
loyalty program of the hotels and airlines

Get better room assignment and seat

Online travel agencies don’t have access to the property management system of hotels and airlines. So, it is not easy for them to assign you the room and seat you want. Most of the airlines and hotels, they prioritize those customers who booked directly to them. Honoring any special requests is always subject to approval. Some hotels prioritize direct bookers for late check-out and early check-in too in the hotel.

Able to read more about the terms and conditions

OTA sometimes even hide their terms and conditions. If not, they will not clearly state their policies. And after a minute they will just charge you without your prior notice.

To sum up

There are plenty of ways how to book a seat or room. But we have to make sure that we are doing the right thing and avoid hassles. If you do not feel like booking on the website, you can simply call their reservation team. The foremost advantage of dealing directly with airlines and hotels is cost and convenience. Online travel agencies are good at giving you options in travel itineraries but not the best deal. If possible, try to book somewhere that cares more about you than their own advantage. Think twice because there are several benefits of direct booking. Do not compromise your holiday because of mistake bookings.

Have you enjoyed the benefits of direct booking before? Where are you planning to go next? Would you still book through online travel agencies or start direct booking?

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  1. I always go direct and I agree that is the best option all in all! Thank you for this article!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I will definitely book directly for pur next trip! Thank you fo the amazing article!

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