Best Beaches In India- Uncovering the Best Beaches

the top best beaches in India by Lifetime Traveller

We always talk about the best. And now, we talk about the best beaches in India. Have you ever been to India? How was your experience?

Who doesn’t like the beauty of the waves, sunrise/ sunset, and the taste of seafood? Nature is truly amazing. Sometimes we do not have to do anything to make nature beautiful. We just sit and witness its natural charm.

Let us be honest here. There are hundreds of beaches in the world. But, have you at least experience swimming in one of them?

Today we’ll explore the best beaches in Indian through our screens. Let’s begin with a smile and deep calm breath. Plan your next beach trip and always remember to save money while travelling.

India’s Best Beaches

Each sunny strip offers a different experience, from family-friendly water sports to riotous full moon-style parties, private coves, and some of Asia’s best diving. We’ve combed the coastline to uncover the best beaches in India:

1. Honey Beach, Gokarna

First, Honey Beach. This is certainly one of the best beaches in India. This beach is located near Gokarna town in Karnataka which is now getting popular among backpackers. This small town hosts a lot of popular beaches. For example, OM beach, kudle beach, and paradise beach.  

Best Beaches in India- honey beach India by lifetime Traveller
© Photo credit: to the owner
Best Beaches in India- honey beach India

Honey Beach caught my attention as it’s isolated and untouched. To reach this amazing place, I have to take a ferry followed by a small trek. 

This beautiful beach is covered by the golden sands and some marvelous rocks. These make it one of the most perfect places for sunbathing. You can play your favorite music and relax your soul while enjoying the beauty of nature.

We are recommending to carry your refreshments with you, as it is an isolated place. Always remember to check on your ultimate travel packing checklist before travelling.

Nearest Airport: Dabolim Airport.

Popular Food in Town: Prawn Ghee Roast, Bale Yele Masala, Fish curry, Rawa fish fry, Sambhar, and Rice.

Lifetime Traveller Tip: Ferry operates till 6 PM only. Make the best out of it during the day time.

2. Butterfly Beach, GOA

GOA is known as the traveler’s paradise as this beautiful state offers numerous beaches, churches, and indo-Portuguese culture. This is absolutely one of the best beaches in the country, India.

Beaches in GOA welcomes all as some tourists look for its vibrant beauty. Let me name some of the most beautiful beaches in GOA. They are BAGA beach and Calangute beach. If you are looking for a peaceful ambience beach, you can visit Colza, Betul, and Butterfly beach. 

Butterfly beach as its name says is very popular for sightseeing. You can find numerous species of butterflies. Not only butterflies but, you can also witness and spot some dolphins from this beautiful beach.

How to reach butterfly bach? You have to rent a boat from Palolem beach. Bear in mind that the beach is semi-virgin. It is a newly discovered beach. Meaning, this beach is far away from commercialization.

Nearest Airport: Dabolim Airport, GOA

Popular Food in Town: Xacuti, Goan fish curry, Vindaloo, Bebinca and don’t forget to try Fenni and Kings Beer.

Lifetime Traveller Tip: Ferry operates till 6 PM only. We are recommending you to do visit this beach in the day time. Bring your own food as there are no food options available on this beach.

3. Paradise Beach ,Pondicherry

This beautiful beach in India is located approximately 8 km from the main town of Pondicherry, towards Chidambaram. You have to take a boat from Chunnambar boat house to reach Paradise beach by crossing beautiful backwaters. Very, challenging, I know. But trust me, it will be worth it.

Paradise beach is clean, less populated, less commercialized, and is very good for someone who is looking to quench the thirst of peace.

Apart from Paradise beach, Pondicherry is also popular for Promenade beach, churches and because of its Neighbor, Auroville. Auroville is a township with no religion, caste, and creed.

Nearest Airport: Chennai International Airport

Popular Food in Town: Minced Beef Patties, Prawn Risotto, and Traditional South Indian Food, wood-fired pizza, vegan meals.

Lifetime Traveller Tip: Try amazing French Desserts and Crazy wood fired Pizza’s in Pondicherry

4. Varkala Beach, Kerala

 Located in God’s own country, this beach is rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia as per TripAdvisor.

This cliff is located approximately 40 KM from Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. With cliffs on one side and sea on the other side, this beach creates a perfect synergy of nature. These make it the best beaches in India.

Apart from the amazing less populated beach destination, this beach is also famous for the 10-Day festival called Arattu. 

The beach is crowded in the evening. Why? Because it has its own asset, the sunset. Sunset is one of the best scenes to capture on this beach. Nowadays, they placed some water activities nearby. There are a lot of water sports available near this beach.

Nearest Airport: Trivandrum International Airport 

Popular Food in Town: Appam with Stew, Malabari Biriyani (LINK of Biriyani), Kerala Prawn curry, fish moilee.

Lifetime Travelller Tip: There are numerous restaurants and cafés on this beach. However, alcoholic beverages are prohibited. 

5. Dhanushkodi Beach, Rameshwaram 

Another best beach in India, Dhanushkodi Beach. The beach is located in the temple state of Tamil Nadu. Moreover, the beach is 19 Km south of Rameshwaram, which connects Deserted islands of Dhanushkodi and Rameshwaram. This connection of both islands creates a perfect peninsula surrounded by bodies of water.

When reaching this amazing beach, not to get confused where you are. Sri Lanka is just 30 km away from this beach. To prove, check your cellular network whether it’s from India or Sri Lanka.

Nearest Airport: Madurai Airport 

Popular Food in Tow: IDLI, DOSA, SAMBHAR, Pongal, Chicken 65, idiyappam

Lifetime Traveller Tip: Watch out when swimming as the water level is highly unpredictable. There is no provision to stay in Dhanushkodi due to 1964 cyclones which destroyed the whole town. However, you may book your accommodation in Rameshwaram town only.

6. St. Mary’s Island, Udupi

This Island has a prominent role in the history of India. There are traces that Vasco da Gama first stepped to this island when coming from Portugal. In addition to that, after naming this island as St Mary’s, he moved his voyage towards Calicut in Kerala.

Best Beaches in India- St. Mary’s Udupi by Lifetime Traveller
© Photo credit: to the owner
Best Beaches in India- St. Mary’s Udupi

This Island has one of the cleanest beaches as the only way to reach is by taking a boat from Malpe beach which is located 4 km from Udupi city.

 Boats operate from 9:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon. They do not operate during the month of June to September.

Nearest Airport: Mangalore International Airport

Popular Food in Town: Neer Dosa, Kotte kadubu, Patrode

Lifetime Traveller Tip: Try some water sports and amazing local food at Malpe Beach. You will be amazed.

7. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

If you are looking for some absolute peace, Andaman is the perfect destination. This island is host to numerous amazing beaches which can be difficult to cover in a single trip. 

This group of islands is located in the southeast coast of India. The union territory is on the east coast of India and comprises close to 600 small islands. The capital of this group of islands is Port Blair. Hindi and English are their official languages. So, as a traveller, it will not be difficult to communicate with the locals.

Apart from the crystal clear beaches, these islands also have a very rich flora and fauna. And its beaches are perfect for Scuba Diving and snorkeling with the amazing marine life, and the great coral reefs which are preserved for long period of time. 

Nearest Airport: Veer Savarkar International Airport 

Popular Food in Town: Fish curry, Chili Curry, Macher jhol, Grilled lobsters   

Lifetime Traveller Tip: It’s prohibited to visit some islands. I strongly advise you to do check with a local guide before visiting.

Apart from these amazing beaches I have mentioned, there are lots and lots more beautiful beaches in India. Beaches that have their own significance. We will be uncovering more amazing beaches in our upcoming posts. 

You may also want to share your travel adventures with us! Email your experiences at You may fill out and submit the form through our write for us.

Author’s Note:

Planning to travel to India? Check out with me. I will certainly guide you yo the best beaches in India. Till then, Adieu and keep smiling 🙂

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