Unforgettable Best Granita in Sicily Island with Lifetime Traveller

Best Granita in Sicily Island with Lifetime Traveller

Who loves ice cream? Stop eating your usual and boring ice cream. It is time to taste the best granita in Sicily. If you will taste it, trust me, you will order not just one, not just two, but more than you think. What? Sounds inviting, right? This is based on my personal experience. Eating Granita in Sicily is heaven.

Firstly, Sicily is not only about summer vacation. That is to say, that it can be about mountains, seas, and food and desserts. Ooops, speaking of food and desserts. Dessert in Sicily is remarkable.

Furthermore, Sicily is a very big island located in the southern part of Italy. The said island has plenty of things to offer. From food to destinations you will indulge yourself for at least a month of vacation. From visiting and experiencing the Sulphur Mud Baths in Vulcano to eating the best granita, you will surely 100% love and stay in Sicily.

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The delicious ice cream that comes with different flavors. Certainly, I love it, they love it and you will surely indulge in it. In this article, we will be talking about the amazing and delicious granita in Sicily.

What is Granita?

To clarify, Sicilia or Sicily is the home of the real granita. Granita is a classic Sicilian dessert that melts on your tongue. This classic Sicilian semi-frozen dessert is just the thing to cool you down during the hot days of summer in Sicily.

The unforgettable taste of granita is served all across the islands of Sicily. Moreover, it is traditionally enjoyed during breakfast alongside espresso and brioche. Brioche is a type of bread originally in France. It is a highly enriched pastry that everyone loves to dip in with the Sicilian granita and coffee.

The fruit juices, water, sugar, and some various other flavorings make granita flavorful and delicious. Granita comes with different flavors. To make the best granita, they put there natural and grated fruits.

To taste the best granita, explore and experience Sicily Islands.

Origin of Granita

The semi-frozen Sicilian dessert that is called granita is well known in every corner of the world. However, have you ever wonder about its origin?

During the Middle Ages, granita is discovered. To clarify, the first local producers were called “nivaroli” (men of snow). They used to gather snow on the major mountains of Sicily: Vulcano called Etna, on mounts Peloritani, Iblei, and Nebrodi.

Grotta del Gelo in Etna's National Park in Sicily
Grotta del Gelo in Etna’s National Park in Sicily by Italy Magazine.

Meanwhile, the rest of the seasons of the year, they kept the snow in “neviere” (the icy caves) to preserve the ice from the summer heat and transport it by the sea during the months of greatest drought. During summertime, the ice would be transported down the mountains to consumers along the seacoast looking to mix fruit juices. Thanks to technological progress, first they began to use a manual well and finally, during the twentieth century, the ice cream maker.

Sicily has plenty of tropical fruits. The snow was then grated, filtered, and mixed to fruit juices (e.g. lemon juice) or fruit syrups to make tasty and refreshing ice creams.

Finally, thanks to the new technology. We can now enjoy the deliciousness of the best Sicilian granita at any time we want to. There is no need to wait for summer for it to be transported down.

The New Granita

As time and years pass, granita evolved. Sicilians now then use the technology to produce granita to make sure all it is available all year round. They replaced snow to refrigerated water (ice) and use honey and sugar.

The delicious and satisfying flavored grated ice can be tasted from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Granita is always present from the South Pole to the North Pole of the Earth.

Granita is now available during winter, spring, summer, and autumn. People are eating granita from breakfast, lunch to dinner. And even at midnight, locals and foreigners in Sicily indulge in eating this incredible Sicilian granita. Moreover, there is no specific time in eating granita. There are gelaterias that serve and you can enjoy 24 hours.

The Best Granita

It has been the routine of the locals in Sicily to eat gelato after a nice and warm bath from the beach. There are plenty of choices of gelateria on the island of Sicily. However, here are the top and best granita you will surely love.

  • Lemon (limone) is the traditional Sicilian granita flavor. It is refreshing and gives a wild feeling.
  • Strawberry (fragola)- has a sweet taste and can be perfectly paired with lemon.
  • Almond (mandorla) has an intense aroma and usually, it is sweet and flavorful.
  • Chocolate (cioccolato)- made out of cocoa and it is the children’s favorite.
  • Pistachio is a nutty flavor and best with cream (pana) on the top.
  • Peach has mild flavor to mix with almonds.
  • Coffee is everyone’s favorite. Top it with pana and get the best out of it.
  • Mint is refreshing and gives a very cool feeling.
  • Orange (arancia)has a sweet and tasty flavor.

In addition, granita can be paired with a variety of flavors. Explore different flavors and try mixing them up.

best granita siciliana with brioche
But there’s much more to Sicilian’s famous frozen treat; read on.

To sum up, at any time of the day, eating granita is satisfying. Granita is best with warm brioche. Enjoy your quality time with granita and your friends. Enjoy stalking your friend’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts while eating Sicilian granita. You may also sit in a bar (breakfast place of Italians) and enjoy the view of the sea.

How Much is Granita?

 A must-try indulgence that differs from regular ice cream, Italian ice, or the famous Italian dessert, gelato. Granita has been a Sicilian delicacy for centuries. Many cities and countries are trying to imitate the goodness of granita. However, its origin has no comparison. To find its truest form and taste, visit Sicilia, Italia. Produced in an array of unique and enticing flavors, granita is a must to try when visiting the big islands of Sicily.

Granita in Sicily is very affordable. Meanwhile, eating granita in Sicily cost almost nothing compared to the mainland of Italy. If the smallest cup in Rome cost you 6 euros, Sicily is giving you 3 euros only. So, starting from 3 euros, you may now enjoy sitting with your friends while updating each other.

Most importantly, change your paper bills into coins as granita in Sicily almost costs nothing. Indulging granita has to be one of the most pleasurable ways to spend your money—and your time—in Sicily apart from swimming.

Today, granita with a fresh and warm brioche is a traditional Sicilian breakfast. Subsequently, across the islands of Sicily, Sicilians and visitors indulge granita not only during breakfast but throughout the day, paired with a dish as a dessert or enjoyed as a mid-afternoon snack.

In general, each part of Italy has its own distinct. If Florence has Bistecca alla Fiorentina, Sicily has granita.

Where to Eat Granita?

There are plenty of bars and restaurants that offer granita on Sicily. In San Giorgio, a small town in the province of Messina, Sicily there are plenty of granita places. Most importantly, make sure to stay away from the high priced and overrated bars. In addition, ask the locals where to eat and enjoy the real Sicilian granita.

For instance, if ever you are in San Giorgio, I am advising you to try the granita of the “Bar Sport“. Locals call it “al brako”. Surely, it is one of the best Sicilian granita in town. From breakfast to midnight, the place is almost always full.

Taste the real and unforgettable granita in Sicily. Experience the remarkable ritual of granita from its true origin. The heat of Sicilian summers can, at times, be unforgiving and unbearing (especially during August). Therefore, refreshments are needed. Thanks to our early generations for discovering this refreshing and flavorful Sicilian granita.

Ciao!!! Enjoy your best granita in the big and amazing islands of Sicily!

Lifetime Traveller Tips:

Granita lovers will advise you that you must consume granita within five hours of its preparation. Beyond that, the liquid rises to the top, the ice re-crystallizes, and it loses its light and whipped deliciousness.


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