Best Ways to Learn How to Survive in Italy as an Expat

Best Ways to Survive in Italy as an Expat by lifetime traveller

Firstly, being an expat or expatriate is quite challenging. To move from your country of origin is never easy. It requires adjustments. As one of the thousand foreigners in Rome, I would like to share the best and useful tips and ways on how to survive in Italy as an expat.

I have been living in Italy for 14 months and trust me, I have learned a lot. I’ve learned to survive! Imagine, all the way from the pacific ocean to the European continent, here I am today in Italy.

Italy is a very beautiful country. If you have fine work, you can certainly live here. However, to help you live your life to the fullest as an expat, here are some tips for you whilst staying in Italy.

My culture is far away different from their cultures and traditions. From clothes to clothing, completely different. Therefore, I made these tips on ways to learn how to survive in Italy as an expat as your guide whenever you visit or stay in Italy.

So, let us get started.

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Best Ways to Survive in Italy as an Expat

So, since I have been living in Italy for 14 months, I can say that I am a survivor. Therefore, I created this list of the best ways to survive in Italy as an expat. I can’t wait to share them.

1. Learn the Language

Yes, I am serious. The Italian language is a must to learn here if you want to live your life in Italy. Most of the Italians don’t speak english very well. So, learning their language can be your edge to survive.

Learn Italian! Meanwhile, imagine going to a restaurant with a menu written in Italian only. It is hard, isn’t it? Moreover, learning the language may ease your life in Italy. So, to survive in Italy as an expat, learn the language. Forza!

2. Accept the Italian Way

This is funny. If you want to leave peacefully, then adapt yourself to the Italian way. This is one of the things that I observe with some Italians. They are not open to changes and improvements. They are afraid of trying something new.

Some Italians are not open minded.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, otherwise, you’ll make a fool out of yourself!

Delusional Bubble

3. Get Unlimited ATAF Bus Pass

If you are staying in Italy for months or years and have no car, better avail the monthly or yearly bus pass. It is cheaper than buying €1.50 euro per 100 minutes. With a monthly unlimited ride for €35.00, you can ride the bus, metro, and tram via. They call this ticket a season ticket. Requires no card. The ticket itself is personal and must bear the name of the user. An identity document must be shown to the Company’s personnel on request.

Here are the other options you may want to take advantage for seasonal tickets:

Normal monthly ticket€35.00
Three Monthly Pass€94.50
Normal yearly ticket€310.00
ISEE Monthly Pass€28.00
Three Monthly ISEE Pass€76.00
Yearly ISEE Pass€260.00
Mensile Integrato UNICO METROPOLITANO€50.00
Mensile Integrato UNICO METROPOLITANO ISEE€41.00
Normal season tickets
Student yearly€252.00
Yearly Student ISEE Pass€200.00
Student season tickets

Ticket rates may change depending on the region or city you are in. Moreover, there are cities that allow you to pay contactless. You can just simply send a text message to the number before riding and enjoying the rides.

4. Shop at the Local Markets

Italy is known for its delicious and fresh food products. Everywhere you go, there are supermarkets and markets. It is always best to check on the local market and hunt for your favorite food. You can also order food online. There are markets and supermarkets that offer FREE delivery services. Order online and avoid the long queue and the crowd.

5. Get Used to Shouting

Have you ever watched Italian programs? What do you observe?

AArf! Arf! Arf! Shouting here. Shouting there. Yes, in Italy you must adapt yourself and get used to shoutings. The first time I came here was surprising. It is part of their culture to shout and be loud everywhere. Sometimes they confuse me. I don’t even know if they are fighting or not because of their high voice pitch. At least now I am used to it.

6. Stay Calm

Never ever try to argue in Italy because you will never win! Trust me. They will always find a way to win by shouting. So, if you want to live Italy to the fullest, stay calm and lower down your temper. Moreover, arguing is never good.

7. Always Complement

Che Bella! Che Bello! Madonna Che Buono! Quanto che Meraviglioso! These are just some of the common words that you hear from Italians everywhere. They always describe someone’s character. In addition to that, get used to describing food after your first bite. Italians love being appreciated in front of other people. So, if you want to have Italian friends, always appreciate them. That is a very good technique to catch their hearts and attention. Italians love compliments.

8. Make Friends

It must be very difficult to move from your motherland. Don’t worry, I feel you. I moved to Italy without any assurance of my living, without knowing the language, and without knowing anyone in Italy. It is hard, I know. However, don’t just sit and be alone. Expand your horizon. Find some expats like you. So to survive in Italy as an expat, make some friends!

9. Find Real Italian Friends

Another best way to survive in Italy as an expat is to find real Italian friends. Finding a real friend must be hard. However, you have to if you are an expat. It is so good to talk with friends. Make friends with locals and learn the basics of living in Italy from them. There is nothing better learning than learning from the locals itself.

10. Stay Strong

You must be missing your home country. Well, I do. I miss my own food. I can eat Filipino food here. However, there is nothing better than the authentic one, right? So, be strong. Be motivated. Think of the reasons why you moved in.

There are times that I even cry because I am missing y family. Most especially these days that I can not go back home because of the pandemic. I am worried about myself and worried about my family who is 6,000 miles away from me. However, I have to stay strong and keep life moving.

Among all the best ways to survive in italy as an expat, staying strong is the best thing I can advice you.

During your first months in Italy is crucial. Give yourself the time to adjust and absorb what Italy can offer. Take your time and enjoy Italy.

Being an expat requires plenty of adjustments and understanding. It is not easy to move out and to move in. It is not like going to your neighbor’s house to watch T.V. Follow these useful tips on how to survive in Italy as an expat and you will be good.

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  1. Amazing tips. As an expat myself, I totally relate to all you said. I moved four times so far! Lol!
    Thank you for writing me too. It’s a pleasure being quoted by professionals like yourself! 😊

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