Covid19 Packing Checklist Before Travelling

covid19 packing checklist before travelling

Worry no more because here is now your covid19 packing checklist before travelling, travellers. As the borders of most of the nations are opening, many travellers and tourists are planning to start exploring the world again. However, we should be precautious for all our actions these days. And every traveller must be responsible. As experts always suggest that putting certain items on your packing list is a must during the pandemic.

We always say, “safety first”. Now, this is the right moment to practice that phrase. How? By simply following this checklist of what to bring when travelling during the Covid19 outbreak. Save your money for travelling and not for hospital bills.

Before travelling, check with IATA for some airport and airline regulations for the covid19 pandemic.

Here are all the important things you may not have thought of to put on to any coronavirus packing checklist. Whether you are flying, road rocking, or just leaving the house for a short vacation or just go to the beach, all travel now requires some thoughtfulness and pre-planning.


Planning a trip is never been easy. From deciding a place to visit, packing and booking is never been easy. So, check this checklist to avoid getting sick and to enjoy your trip.

You may also download our FREE printable checklist at the bottom of this page. Just scroll down and click on the image to download and print this covid19 travel advice.

Things to Add to Your Coronavirus Packing List

Travelling during the time of the Covid19 pandemic? Here are what you should pack. So, stay relax as here is your ultimate covid19 packing checklist before travelling.

1. Hand Sanitizer

First on the covid19 packing checklist before travelling is the hand sanitizer. This is not an option. Every traveller must have a hand sanitizer with them. I highly recommend bringing and using hand sanitizer with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol to kill the covid19 virus. Bringing hand sanitizer might save you from getting sick. I highly advise you to bring different size bottles of hand sanitizer. You must have at least one inside your car, one inside your bag, and one inside your hotel room or vacation rental.

Hand sanitizer comes in different colors and scents too. However, choose the best and applicable to you. Do not buy cheap and greasy hand sanitizers. Buy sanitizer that actually safe and work. Make sure that the manufacturer is legit too.

2. Face Masks

Say goodbye to Covid19 by using a mask. Yes, wearing a mask is absolutely one of the packing checklists before we travel.

Covid19 packing checklist by lifetime traveller
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Mask is not an option. It is now a requirement before entering any public establishments. Mask is very important for travellers. Make sure to pack enough masks. This is not to say that you should not bring your favorite dress and put masks instead but, masks are really a necessity nowadays. Plan your trip very well by checking the climate of your landing destination. Right after, pack different kind of masks that is appropriate for your trip and destination. Fort example, if you are going to a cold place like Antarctica or Alaska, bring thick face masks.

3. Gloves

Before, only bacteria are everywhere. But now, also virus (Covid19 in specific) is everywhere too. Whether you are travelling just for a staycation or a long vacation, gloves must be worn. Most especially if you will be doing heavy-duty cleaning.

When going out ou the hotel room, make sure to bring gloves with you. Moreover, in the market, make sure to bring gloves. If you are planning to have shopping in crowded places, it is always best to keep your whole body in a safe mood. Right after using the gloves, be sure to wash your hands as chemicals might remain on your palm or skin.

4. Ziploc Bags

There is no need to throw away your used Ziploc bags. Reuse them instead. Those Ziploc bags are useful now. For example, for going to the beach, to avoid our stuff from getting wet. Not only that, for sanitation purposes too. Locking a bag is a must when you know that there is a risk to get dirty. Keep your lovely stuff from dirt by placing them in Ziploc bags.

With the Ziploc bags, you can put clean masks inside. In addition to that, you can also put dirty ones in another so you don’t cross-contaminate your mask supply. Mark or label them to avoid confusion. A spare of Ziploc bag on your backpack or luggage in case you will need more during your travel is also advised.

5. Touchless Payments Methods

Next on our covid19 packing checklist before travelling is using cashless, cardless payment methods. Why bring heavy coins if you can only bring your smartphone, right? We are in the year 2020 now. Use technology. No need to touch any surfaces. Touching shared surfaces may lead to a real risk of exchanging bacteria. Card payment is preferable to cash in most circumstances. And if you haven’t used a touchless pay method yet, now it is the right time to get to know Google and apply Pay! Use a mobile wallet!

covid19 packing checklist before travelling by lifetime traveller for a safer trip
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6. Thermometer

Know your own case. Check it by yourself if you are about to get sick or you are already sick. The thermometer must be on your covid19 packing checklist before your trip. Bring your own thermometer. There is no need to bring a very sophisticated and complicated one. The basic thermometer is enough.

Most or if not all the shops are requiring their customers to have a temperature check first before entering and enjoy shopping. It is best to check your temperature by yourself first before others detect that you are sick.

7. Medicines

Crossing fingers that no one in your family is sick. However, if someone is, better to bring his/ her medicines in a safety bag. You may also bring some emergency medicines for mild sickness. For example, medicine for headache, stomach ache, etc. Fever reducing medicines are also advised. Make sure to bring the infant or children’s sorts if you have younger kids!

Prepare adults’ emergency medicines and childrens’ medicines too. In addition to that, always remember that Covid19 choose no one. So, medicines are must have on you covid19 packing checklist before travelling.

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8. Covid19 Test Result

Prior to your departure date, get checked. Some of the airlines are requiring their passengers to get checked before flying. Also, some destinations at this time are only allowing visitors who have proof of negative covid19 tests.

You do not want to waste your travel days in quarantine, right? So, find out what exact documents your destination requires and bring it with you during your trip. Place the result together with your other paper documents.

9. Water Bottles

Water is a need. You must bring water wherever you go. I mean, safe water. Pack your own bottle waters. Apart from saving money and saving nature, you are also saving yourself by bringing your own bottled water. If you are travelling with the family, make sure to have your own reusable bottled water. Unless it is not possible to do so. If you are travelling with friends, avoid drinking in the same bottle as much as possible. After using, wash them thoroughly with warm water or at least rinse them before refilling again.

Never ever skip your reusable bottled water on your covid19 packing checklist before travelling.

10. Food and Snacks

Avoid fast food stops and convenience stores. Bring your own food and snacks. Bring a variety of food during your trip. Pre-clean them and pack in a safe box. Only go to a roadside convenience store for emergency situations. Avoid going in and out from the food stops as much as possible. Before your trip, bring enough food and snacks for the whole family or the team.

Check these food-safety tips when travelling for your safety during your trip. Also, make sure to list down all the necessary food that you might be needing while travelling during the covid19 pandemic.

Lifetime Traveller Tips:

Check for any drive-thru or curbside pickup options to avoid unnecessary close contact with people. Avoid the crowd as much as possible.

11. Sanitizing Alcohol/ Sanitizing Wipes

Wipe with sanitizing alcohol the things you bare not comfortable to use because of dirt. For example, wiping the doorknobs, switches, and car keys for rental cars. Inside the car, most especially for rental one, travelers should sanitize surfaces that are frequently touched, including steering wheels and door handles, and emergency brake handle. Also, wipe the gear lever and the seat belts.

Use your sanitizing wipes to wipe out extra dirt from your hands or your body. Make sure to get wipes that are effective against bacteria. Never ever buy a type Z brand. Do not sacrifice your health by saving. Therefore, mark sanitizing wipes on your covid19 packing checklist before travelling.

Lifetime Traveller Tips:

You can make DIY disinfecting wipes using a bleach solution. However, those are consumable for about 24 hours only. It is not advised for a long travel journey.

12. Travel Potty

Who is not afraid of going or using public toilets nowadays? I guess this is one of the biggest problems in travelling now during the covid19 outbreak. Public toilets along the highways are the biggest fear for most of the travellers. But, wait. There is no need to worry anymore. Afraid no more because travel potty has been invented.

Yes, we have our own comfort. I am gently suggesting you here some alternatives. You can bring your own toilet. For example, bringing bedpans pee bottles, camping urinal, and a toddler travel potty. These adventurous products will surely save you from covid19 exposure.

Covid19 Packing Checklist Before Travelling PDF Print
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We hate getting sick. We can not afford to be hospitalized in the middle of our enjoyment. So, this covid19 packing checklist before travelling is a big step to avoid laying down in the hospital.

Afraid not, we’ve got you covered. With this checklist to ease your packing, you only have to focus on one thing: enjoying your holiday.

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  1. how could you use a ziploc in this environment against covid free. you should be use disposable stuff instead of ziploc. and also water do you think airport allowed to bring you bottle of water inside the airport?

    1. Hi! We promote eco-friendly travelling. Instead of throwing useful items, why not reuse or recycle them. Moreover, we advise you to empty the bottles before boarding. Then, refill once you arrive on your landing destination. Thank you for reading!

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