Discover Italy With C. De Melo Books

Discover Italy With C. De Melo Books

Discover Italy with C. De Melo Books: Italy is really a masterpiece of nature. It is full of beautiful stories and charming attractions. Speaking of stories, who loves books? Who loves history? Learning something on the destinations you are about to experience is always the best.

First-generation Luso-American author, C. De Melo (Christine), has been living in Florence for many years. A native of Massachusetts, she began working as a program coordinator for a university shortly after obtaining her Art History degree from UMASS Dartmouth. After nearly five years of traveling throughout the Italian continent facilitating educational tours, she settled in Tuscany in 2007 to work in Florence as a museum and city guide. 

About her

Discover Italy with C. De Melo. An avid reader of historical fiction, Christine has been writing stories as a hobby for decades. Like her late grandmother, she is a passionate storyteller. In 2011 she self-published her first book on Amazon. At the time, she had no grandiose plans for her novel, SABINA, a story set in Renaissance Florence featuring the Medici. According to the author, she simply “put it out there” and waited to see what would happen. Three years later, SABINA hit #1 in Renaissance Fiction on Amazon and maintained a top ten position for months afterward.

Christine’s life changed after that. She was forced to learn about social media, marketing, and branding in order to keep pace with her expanding reader base. A demand for a sequel prompted her to write ALLEGRA, which is also set in Renaissance Florence. So far, she has thirteen novels on Amazon and her paperbacks are available at Paperback Exchange (Florence’s oldest Anglo bookstore) and the Uffizi Gallery book shop. 

Renowned books of C.De Melo
Renowned books of C.De Melo

The author makes it a point to spend considerable time in the cities in which she sets her stories. Historical sites, churches, and palaces are described vividly and accurately, so readers can easily immerse themselves in the scenes. Thus her motto: “I perform CPR on history and breathe life into the past.”

The journey

Christine likes to research lesser-known historical figures and include them in her books, such as the 14th century Veronese warlord Cangrande I Della Scala (RUTHLESS) and the fascinating alchemist prince, Raimondo di Sangro of Naples (IMPOSTOR). Currently, she is working on two books: a 16th-century novel set in Venice featuring the courtesan Veronica Franco, and a story highlighting the scandalous Christian sex cult of Naples in the 17th century. Both books (VENDETTA and THE APPRENTICE) will be published at a future date. 

The author maintains an active social media and responds personally to emails so feel free to contact her with questions or comments. C. De Melo books are available on Amazon in the following formats: eBook (FREE Kindle Unlimited US), paperback, and audiobook. If you can’t travel to Italy, at least you can experience the country through her eyes. Please visit for more information.

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Learn history while travelling. Discover Italy with C. De Melo books.

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