Electronic Bracelets from Etihad Airways for Abu Dhabi Quarantine

Electronic Bracelets from Etihad Airways for Abu Dhabi Quarantine.

All passengers arriving in Abu Dhabi must have to put on tracking wristbands for 14 days. New rules have been implemented for all arriving passengers in Abu Dhabi. Moreover, electronic Bracelets have been mandated by Etihad Airways to check on their status.

In an effort to avert the spread of COVID19, Etihad Airways made an announcement that passengers arriving in Abu Dhabi will now use and wear electronic wristbands that monitor their fidelity to strict quarantine mandates. In any case of a traveler’s final destination, the airline had already required a negative COVID-19 test within 96 hours of their flight.

etihad airways in abu dhabi mandated passengers to wear electronic bracelets.
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This added security level will be executed after passengers disembark the plane, walk through thermal sensors, and test for COVID19 for another time. Travelers will then be obliged to quarantine for 14 days. At the same vein, wear the electronic bracelet, which officials will distribute at the airport.

According to Lonely Planet, the United Arab Emirates — like many other countries — is experiencing a second wave of COVID19 cases after initially lowering case numbers in previous months. Although the number of deaths remains much lower than at the height of the outbreak from the previous months, on Sept. 12, the United Arab Emirates recorded its highest number of new daily cases during the whole Covid19 pandemic.

This is not the first method the country has tried to prevent possible flare-up stemming from its busy airports. Last month, Dubai’s International Airport recruited covid19-sniffing dogs. These dogs are very useful to determine COVID-positive travelers through the scent of their sweat.

Moreover, the United Arab Emirates is not the first country to execute the wearing of electronic monitoring devices to impose mandatory quarantines. In fact, in mid-August, Singapore starts using them with Bluetooth and GPS enabled. This is requiring incoming travelers to actuate the monitors upon arrival at their quarantine locations. Moreover, they use this to respond to any messages or notifications sent by the government. Authorities also receive alerts when anyone wearing a monitor attempts to leave their quarantine location or interfere with their device.


This move of Abu Dhabi to use electronic bracelets or wristbands is praised by other countries and airlines. This is reported first in Travel and Leisure Magazine.

This Implemented electronic bracelets is very useful for all Etihad Airways as some other countries expecting anoyher wave of more strict quarantine.

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