Employment Impact of Covid19 to Italy

unemployment rate of Italy as a result of Covid19

Its been weeks since the government of Italy eases the quarantine restriction. After the announcement of the government of Italy to open its international gates within Europe on the 3rd of June, we can now see the evident results of Covid19 to the people. We can say that there is a big employment impact of Covid19 to Italy.

First, let us talk about what happened during the last 2 and a half months. What is the situation in Italy these past months? What is the employment impact of Covid19 in Italy?

It is even hard to describe the life of the Italian people these past months. It was sad. People stayed at home and spent the whole day and night doing nothing. 🙁

All the shops were closed. Retail boutiques, barber shops, parks (public and private), swimming pools, restaurants, hotels, and even some of the grocery shops. The only shops allowed to operate were the hospitals, grocery stores, and pharmacies. The whole country of Italy was like a ghost town. You will never see someone running and playing outside. Everyone was afraid to get infected by this Covid19.

Up to now, people are still afraid to go out and to travel. And this is understandable. Up to now there are still queues everywhere. But, atleast the queues to the supermarkets are now less than before. There is no need to wait outside the supermarket for 2 hours just to enter.

Meanwhile, here are some of the unemployment results due to Covid19 in Italy.

People Lost Jobs-Employment Impact of Covid19

It is sad to see people staying only at home. Many people lost jobs. Last March 2020, there was 8.4% decrease in the unemployment rate in Italy due to the Covid19 pandemic. And this is the lowest rate since August 2011. The data is according to Trading Economics. Meanwhile, there are almost 7,800 people in Florence who lost their jobs. In Italy, the unemployment rate measures the number of people actively looking for a job as a percentage of the labor force.

unemployment rate in Italy- Employment Impact of Covid19 to Italy
unemployment rate in Italy as effect of Covid19

The number of unemployed people fell by 267 thousand to 2.132 million and employment decreased by 27 thousand to 23.234 million. The youth unemployment rate, measuring job-seekers between 15 and 24 years old, decreased to 28 percent from 29.2 percent in February. The employment rate, one of the lowest in the Euro Area, went down to 58.8 percent from 58.9 percent. Italy’s jobless rate drops to lowest since 2011.

But, let us not be defeated by this Covid19. Florence , Italy is still waiving at you and waiting.

Will Italy recover back again? Will Italy restores its original economy very soon? Share your Covid19 story with us. Please email us at contact@lifetimetraveller.com.

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