Enjoy First Solo Trip, Learn How

Enjoy First Solo Trip, learn how by lifetime traveller

Enjoy First Solo Trip

Want to enjoy your first solo trip? A travel and photography expert, Kevin Wenning, once answered the travellers’ question, ‘How can I enjoy my first solo trip (the place is not decided yet)?‘ Here is his answer…

Know what you need from the experience. I think solo travel is great for both introverts and extroverts as either one can get what they need. If you’re an introvert and are traveling solo for time alone then you can definitely get time by yourself wandering through a new city or backpacking out into the countryside.

If you’re an extrovert then you will find plenty of people to show you the party spots, invite you into their circle of friends and show you their favorite places. You will find this groove just by the nature of who you are. I like time by myself and have often had to tell my guide to go get coffee or wait for me at the bottom of the mountain. They always want to tag along to make sure I’m safe, and all I want is a few hours completely alone. Don’t be afraid to say what you want. Or, just go ahead and do it as sometimes the language barrier isn’t your friend in this regard.

Start Planning

Plan to do the same things you would enjoy doing at home. If you enjoy hiking, camping, and sleeping in a tent then an overnight stay in Jordan’s Wadi Rum Desert might be just your thing. If you enjoy strolling through galleries and relaxing in cafes then several days in Paris will be heaven for you. For myself, one day in Paris to see some sights and take some photos is about all I can handle, and then I need to get out into the countryside and find an old castle to explore. If the itinerary would make you uncomfortable or miserable at home, that feeling will only be amplified when you’re traveling. If something is truly not your flavor then don’t do it just because it’s the most recommended tourist thing in that country.

This is what fun looks like to me so I try and put things like this on my itinerary – on the Meru Betiri trail in Banyuwangi Indonesia. My guide insisted on going along so I asked him to carry a camera and photograph anything he thought was interesting.

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Mind the Budget

Make sure you have funds to cover whatever you get into and also be cautious and careful. Running out of money is never a good thing. Everybody wants to help you for a few bucks but that willing pool of friendly locals disappears the moment you have nothing to offer them. Do you love that beautiful watch you’re wearing? That watch cost way more than you would pay to get a hot meal and a cab to the airport but if that’s all you have to offer then be ready to part with it. Nothing ruins your fun trip like a day or two of anxiety figuring out how to get out of the country before your visa expires.

Being careful just means knowing who to trust. This can take a little experience to learn. After a few trips alone you’ll be able to spot the slick cabbie or local tour operator who just wants to waste your time and take your money. After you know who not to trust you’ll easily find locals who will genuinely want to help you and be a friend you want to keep in touch with after you return home.

To Sum Up

In summary, fun travel is very personally defined. A little uncertainty in my schedule gives me space to meet strange people and see strange things. That’s how I really enjoy my travels. For most folks, fun travel means doing familiar activities in a new place with people who will show you how it’s done in their part of the world.

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