Florence’s Bistecca Alla Fiorentina

bistecca alla fiorentina

Get your date now! And enjoy steak here! Nothing is better than a gentle service in Florence, Italy. A must to experience after the lockdown. No wonder why they have good reviews on different bookings and review channels. Florence’s Bistecca Alla Fiorentina, a must to dine in.

© Photo credit: to the owner

So, here I am, excited about giving you tips where you can possibly enjoy and indulge in eating and drinking with your family and friends. Let me ask you, do you love steak? Are you fantasizing yourself with your loved ones eating steak together? Well, let us wait first till we free ourselves from this pandemic.

The journey

While waiting for the pandemic to end, I would like to nominate a very good restaurant where you can, enjoy your romantic date with your family and loved ones and eat delicious Toscano meat. It is called Regina Bistecca.

Regia Bistecca is located in Via Ricasoli, 14r, Florence, Italy. Just a few steps away from Duomo Florence. The restaurant is known for its *bistecca alla Fiorentina*. Don’t worry, I, myself experienced several times their food and services. Trust me, you will love it.

First touch

My partner and I went to Pissa a week before they announce the lockdown for a day and we decided to go home to Florence after and check some restaurants near our house. We kept on walking, walking, and walking until we reached Duomo. Then I said, “look, there is a steak restaurant here, let’s give it a try”. Then we went and see what they have.

Upon entering, a nice guy welcomed us wholeheartedly and assisted us in our table. When we arrived, trust me, the restaurant is almost full. It was like 8:30 in the evening- we were very hungry. We put our shopping bags below our table. The waiter gave us the menu and offered drinks and water immediately. Honestly, they only have a few choices on their menu. But wait, never say never. We ordered and they served my food- Florence’s bistecca alla fiorentina and my partner took a normal steak.

The taste

When I eat, I eat with my nose, eyes, and tongue. I am very particular in food presentation. If I don’t like how the food is being presented, usually I won’t eat it. That is me. So, we ate and we enjoyed the romantic scene. Their meat was absolutely good! The meat was tender that a 1-year-old kid can eat how tender it was. The place was very nice and romantic. I highly advise this restaurant for couples. It is a romantic and quiet place. After eating the main course, we decided to order dessert. And of course, I took Crème brûlée, also known as burnt cream, Trinity cream, or Crema Catalana is a dessert consisting of a rich custard base topped with a texturally contrasting layer of hardened caramelized sugar. Here is a funny story.

When the waiter came and took our condiments away from our table, he accidentally tapped my wine glass and spilled all over the table and created a mess on our shopping bags. We knew that he didn’t do it intentionally so we did not make any dramas. They served the dessert. They were so good. We could tell that the dessert was freshly made.

dining area of Regina BIstecca
© Photo credit: to the owner
Dining area of Regina BIstecca
dining area of Regina BIstecca
© Photo credit: to the owner
Dining area of Regina BIstecca

To end

Let me cut the story shorter, We asked our bill and the manager came and handed out the bill and was very apologetic for what happened. And guess what they did. They removed both our desserts from the total bill. We didn’t ask for it but as a courtesy, they did it for us to compensate for what happened. They were so nice. And after a couple of weeks, we went back again and as always, there were so very nice and gentle to us.

They set our table and gave us a very convenient sits. 5 minutes after we ordered, a guy approached us and apologized again for what happened last time. I was in shock cause I, myself can’t even recognize his face any longer. But he did. We were so glad that we found this restaurant. They have amazing steak and meat, a very peaceful, relaxing ambiance, and energetic, humble, and gentle staff. And again we went home with a beautiful smile on our faces.


Regina Bistecca is a must to visit when you are in Florence. It is not expensive, they have amazing staff, a very cool and warming ambiance and service. No wonder why they have been operating for so long already. The paintings on the walls are great too! Not to mention their clean toilet with some expensive amenities. I mean, too expensive for a restaurant like that. I am not telling you or describing how it is. :-) Go and dine in and experience it! Suspense! hehehe

In conclusion, I am encouraging you to try this restaurant once the quarantine is done. For now, stay at home and enjoy your time reading my blog and spend fantastic quality time with your family! Florence’s bistecca alla Fiorentina is a must to try when you visit Florence. Enjoy Florence’s food and life!

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  1. This restaurant is really a great choice! you can really enjoy a great food and excellent ambience.
    Great article Jeric, thank you !

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