Florence’s Top Beautiful Places

piazza della republica

Florence, a beautiful City

Firstly, here enlisting Florence’s Top Beautiful Places. Florence is a paradise. A small city that has everything. You will never regret going to Florence. Florence has plenty to offer. Starting from delicious and fresh food to beautiful and charming places. Florence is a true paradise.

In every spot in Florence can be added here because every place is amazingly beautiful. Enlisting here the top most visited and reviewed sites in Florence, Italy. I am so glad to present Florence’s Top Beautiful Places.

Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral And Piazza Duomo

First on the list of Florence’s Top Beautiful Places is the Florence Cathedral, formally the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, is the cathedral of Florence, Italy. It was begun in 1296 in the Gothic style to a design of Arnolfo di Cambio and was structurally completed by 1436. In addition, the dome was engineered by Filippo Brunelleschi. The cathedral is the third-largest church in the world (after St. Peter’s in Rome and St. Paul’s in London).

Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral And Piazza Duomo- Florence's Top Beautiful Places
Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral And Piazza Duomo

The list of Florence’s top beautiful places and attractions can never be completed without mentioning its great artistic treasure that a Florentine proudly boasts of. If you love art and architecture, this may be one of the best places that you will love to visit in Florence. As you take a tour of the baptistery, it’s a museum, cathedral, and its bell tower, you will come across some of the best and well-known masterpieces of architecture and art by the greatest artists in the history.

Location: Piazza del Duomo, 50122 Florence, Italy (Just 2 minutes walk away from Piazza Della Republica)

 Santa Maria Novella Square

This Dominican cathedral displays the familiar striped façade of the inlaid marble of Italy. These traces of curving designs are very elegant. No wonder why Santa Maria Novella is one of Florence’s top beautiful places. Most of all, the flooring is calling your attention to its majestic beauty. Moreover, the artistry inside is made by eminent masters like Paolo Uccello, Domenico, Lippi, Masaccio, and Giotto. In short, Santa Maria Novella is very accessible. It is just right in front of the main train station and walking distance from the famous Piazza Della Republica.

Piazza Santa Maria Novella- Florence's Top Beautiful Places
Piazza Santa Maria Novella

Location: Piazza di Santa Maria Novella, 50123 Florence, Italy

Piazza Della Republica

One of Florence’s top beautiful places is the Piazza Della Republica. This is the place where I usually sit and take a rest looking side by side. 🙂 Piazza Della Repubblica, the town square in Florence, a very famous place and the main center of Florence. In this square there is a mini horse carousel ride. Certainly, this is my favorite. 🙂

piazza della republica- Florence's Top Beautiful Places
Piazza Della Republica

Location: Piazza della Repubblica, 50123 Florence

Basilica Di San Lorenzo

Another Florence’s Top Beautiful Place to consider. If you are looking for places to visit in Florence in 1 day then this Basilica should definitely be on your first list. Located in the heart of the main market in Florence. Basilica di San Lorenzo is quite touristic. It is near the famous wet market named Mercato Centrale. This 15th-century church is one of the oldest churches in Florence. The said church has its own amazing and marvelous architecture. Maybe after you do shopping or eating at the Mercato Centrale, you may drop by to the Basilica di San Lorenzo.

Basilica di San Lorenzo- Florence's Top Beautiful Places
Basilica di San Lorenzo

Location: Piazza di San Lorenzo, 9, 50123 Florence, Italy

 Piazza Della Signoria

Another Florence’s top beautiful place is Piazza della Signoria. An important landmark over the years for political and historical matters, the Piazza Della Signoria is a famous landmark in Florence. The square is really beautiful owing to the aesthetic structures that the plaza holds. Some famous sculptures here are Michelangelo’s Statue of David, Hercules, the Fountain of Neptune, and more. Facing the palace, on the left side, there is a fountain that is available to drink. If you are tired of walking around, you may want to stop there and drink. No worries because the water is safe to drink. 🙂

Piazza Della Signoria- Florence's Top Beautiful Places
Piazza della Signoria

Location: Piazza della Signoria, 50122 Florence, Italy

Uffizi Gallery

If art interests you, then Uffizi Gallery is one place that you should not miss during your trip in Florence. It is one of the most interesting and beautiful places to visit in Florence, Italy. This amazing and prominent art museum gallery is situated adjacent to the Piazza Della Signoria. This is heaven for art lovers, as the gallery holds paintings dating back to the times of the Renaissance. Witness here the masterpieces by famous artists like Michelangelo, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and many more.

Gli uffizi Gallery- Florence's Top Beautiful Places
© Photo credit: to the owner
Gli Uffizi Gallery

Tickets: €2–20 · uffizi.it
Visitors: 2.02 million (2016); Ranked 25th globally in 2013 Gli Uffizi
Location: Piazzale degli Uffizi, 6, 50122 Florence, Italy

Piazzale Michelangelo

Piazza Michelangelo is on a hill on the south bank of the Arno River, just east of the center of Florence, and offers a stunning view of the city. Moreover, the built square was designed by an Italian architect, Giuseppe Poggi. Above all, this is the perfect place to witness the beauty of the sunset. And to sum up, this is everyone’s favorite.

Piazzale Michelangelo in florence italy- Florence's Top Beautiful Places
© Photo credit: to the owner
Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence Italy

Location: Piazzale Michelangelo, 50125 Florence, Italy

The Magical Bardini Gardens

The Giardino Bardini is an Italian Renaissance garden of the Villa Bardini in the hilly part of Oltrarno, offering fine views of Florence, Italy. Furthermore, this was opened only recently to the public, it is one of Florence’s well-kept secrets. Bardini Garden offers wonderful views of Florence from its 4 hectares of parkland between the left bank of the Arno River, Montecuccoli Hill, and the medieval wall. In addition, below are the ticket price and operating times of the garden, Bardini Garden.

operating time Giardino Bardini as Florence's Top Beautiful Places
Operating time of Giardino Bardini

Located: Costa S. Giorgio, 2, 50125 Florence, Italy

Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio is a medieval stone closed-spandrel segmental arch bridge over the Arno River in Florence, Italy. This beautiful bridge was built very close to the Roman crossing, the Ponte Vecchio, or Old Bridge. In addition to that, it was also the only bridge across the Arno in Florence until 1218. When crossing the bridge, you will notice and see different jewelry shops, art dealers, and souvenir sellers.

Ponte Vecchio along the arno river- Florence's Top Beautiful Places
Ponte Vecchio along the Arno River

Location: Ponte Vecchio, 50125 Florence, Italy

Palazzo Pitti & Boboli Gardens

The Palazzo Pitti, in English sometimes called the Pitti Palace, is a vast, mainly Renaissance, palace in Florence, Italy. This palace is situated on the south side of the River Arno. It is only a short distance from the Ponte Vecchio and from the river. Moreover, this Palace also is just minutes away from the Piazza Della Republica. Pitti Palace (Palazzo Pitti) is a large complex of impressive galleries and museums that has important collections of paintings, sculptures, and pieces of art.

Palazzo Pitti- Florence's Top Beautiful Places
Palazzo Pitti

Ticket: €2–16 uffizi.it
Location: Piazza de’ Pitti, 1, 50125 Florence, Italy
ArchitectsGiorgio VasariBartolomeo AmmannatiGiulio ParigiLuca FancelliAlfonso ParigiGiuseppe Ruggeri

Lastly, if you wish to know more about Florence’s Top Beautiful Places, you may refer to the article The Undying Beauty of Florence. If you are looking for a property to enjoy the best out of Florence, I highly recommend you staying and experience Lungarno Collection. This hotel won awards and known for its high-quality service in the hospitality industry.

In short, Florence is a paradise. Florence’s Top Beautiful Places are very accessible. No need to spend a lot of money. Visiting these places will just need YOU. because Florence is just waiting for YOU! 🙂

Q. What is Florence famous for?

A. In short, Florence is famous for its Renaissance art and fresh food.

Q. What kind of food do they have n Florence?

A. Florence has plenty of delicious food. However, its famous dish is the Bistecca alla Fiorentina. You may refer to this article Florence, A Great Destination for Everyone.

Q. How many days do you need in Florence?

A. If you are visiting only the city center, 1 day is enough. On the other hand, if you wish to enjoy more, 2 days is the best.

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