Hope for Travellers for Covid19-Free Trip Finally Released

Hope for Travellers for Covid19-Free Trip by Lifetime Traveller

Yes! Great news! Finally, we can smile and travel again! The hope is released! Hope for travellers for Covid19-free trip finally released!

A covid19 vaccine, developed by Pfizer/BioNtech has been approved for use in the UK. Slowly-slowly, the vaccine will be available in other countries too! Just hold your eagerness to travel for now because the hope for travellers for the Covi19-Free trip has finally arrived.

Like lightning speed, the United Kingdom has become the first country to approve a COVID-19 vaccine that has been tested in a large clinical trial. China and Russia had approved vaccines already, but before they’d completed the final round of tests in people.

There are more than 43,000 people who have shown that the developed vaccine by Pfizer is 95% effective. Hence, there is no 100% guarantee yet that you will be cured upon taking the vaccine. However, this is still great news for everyone and for all the travellers out there.

Inspiring Travel Messages of Hope

A number of tourist boards and travel providers have begun creating a series of inspirational videos to offer a message of hope and support for the trade amid the Covid19 crisis.

Hence, travel industries gave their own inspiring messages for everyone. So, here are some of them.

Uber company said, “Thank you for not riding”.

No cars are seen, just humans, in this message that tells everyone to stay in their homes. A very powerful message to stay home while waiting for the vaccine.

South African Tourism created videos conveying everyone not to travel now so that we can travel later. The exact message, “don’t travel now, so you can travel later”. The narrator of the video says, “We will travel again and we will gather again. For us all to travel tomorrow, we have to stay home today. Here’s one thing I can promise you. We will make it through this.”

MSC Cruises has also revealed a video through its Twitter account offering striking footage of its places and onboard activities. The message- “There are times when we must stand down; moments in which our instincts to wander must be put on hold. But no difficulty can stop us from dreaming, imagining, and hoping for a new day. When tomorrow comes, we can turn our desire to sail into reality. Together.”

Emirates has released an amazing video of a deserted Dubai lit up at night with the message: “After every night comes to the dawn. We will get through this together.”

Meanwhile, Visit Jamaica revealed also a very inspiring video through their Facebook Fanpage. They feature the footage from remarkable spots including Dunn’s River Falls and the heart-shaped over-the-water villas at Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay.

Moreover, the video narrator said: “We know that brighter days will return. After times of crisis, travel has always brought the world together.“. “We look forward to when next we meet again.”

Therefore, these days of the crisis, we need to be strong and be patient while not travelling. The hope for travellers for Covid19-Free trip has been started. So, let us wait to travel and enjoy the moment with our family for now. Let us cross our fingers all together for faster recovery from this pandemic caused by Coronavirus.

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I know everyone is excited to travel again. Everyone is excited to step on the plane and wave to a new destination again. I know how it feels to stay home and doing nothing. Trust me!

In conclusion, it is very important to stay safe and healthy. So, hold for a little bit more. We will travel back again! The hope for travellers is coming, the vaccine!

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