How To Find Cheap Flights And Save Money

Cheapest flights- How to Find Cheap Flights and Save Money

How to find cheap flights? Easy. Get your discounted and FREE plane tickets.

People start saving money while recovering from the damage caused by the pandemic. Many people lost their jobs. As countries are about to open their international borders, people start planning their vacations. How do we travel? By saving. How do we save? By finding cheap flights. So, travellers, here are the tips on how to find the cheapest flights.

Funding cheap flights is very easy. Just dedicate 30 minutes of your time and you will find the best and right flight for you.

Find Cheap Flights

There are plenty of flights offered online. But, bear in mind that as much as possible, we try to find the right and cheap flights. There are plenty of available flights online. But, are they all good? Here are the tips.

1. Move Fast

1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 5 days already past since you saw a cheap price. However, you are still undecided if should you book it or not. If you are already sure about your travel, then why wait? You found a great flight fare. How long will it last? No one can tell. Expect those low prices that they won’t last long. The rule of thumb is that the better the fare, the shorter it will last. 

2. Avoid Peak Travel Months

Another tip on how to find cheap flights is checking the travel months. The best months to book your flights are January and February. If you are planning to have your holiday by June or July, it is best to book as early as January.

Take note: Best travel months are depending on the specific landing and take off destinations.

3. Book Now or Never

I am recommending you to book your flight 2-3 months in advance for domestic flights. And for an international flight, the best is 2-8 months in advance. If you’re booking for peak summer, add a month or two onto these recommendations, and if you’re traveling during the lean season it’s more likely cheap fares will pop up closer to the departure date. Moreover, if you’re thinking to travel around major holidays like New Year’s and Christmas or during peak summer, add a month or two on those recommendations. Better now or never. better to look for a flight now than never getting any sits in the future.

Usually, the prices jump up in the last month or two before the departure. And we do not want this to happen because our main goal is to find a cheap flight.

However, if you book too early and settle for a not-great fare, you’re missing out on potential future sales.

4. Best Days to Travel

Find cheap flights by looking at the best days to travel. Many of you may be wondering if this does exist. The answer is YES! What are the cheapest days to travel? In short, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are the cheapest days to travel. Friday and Sunday are usually the most expensive days.

Usually, many people travel starting from Friday until Monday. But bear in mind that this should not only your basis to book the flight. The flight changes dynamically all the time.

skyscanner cheapest flight- how find cheap flights
Skyscanner cheapest flight

5. Be Resourceful

The next tip on how to find cheap flights is to be resourceful. Do not just search flight the way you used to. Do not just ask for flights in a google search. Picking the cheapest flight in search engines is not the best way to find your best flight. Instead, be resourceful to find the right flight for your holiday by

  1. See what prices are available via Skyscanner, Google Flights, etc. to different destinations are around the world.
  2. Pick which of the cheap landing place charm you.
  3. Select the dates you would like that have cheap fares convenient.

6. Use the Best Tools to Look for Flights

There are plenty of tools that you can possibly use when searching for cheap flights. We have Skyscanner, Momodo, Kiwi, Jetradar, Google Flights, Edreams, and plenty more flight search engines you can check at. You may also check the official website of the airline.

7. Check and Match

One of the most effective ways to find a cheap flight is to match the results. Do not stick to one search engine. There are plenty of choices. There are many online travel agencies waiting for you. Type in your preferred dates, destination, number, and people and click search. But, that is not enough if you are really looking for cheap flights. Compare travel agencies. Check which appeals to you the most. Sticking to a single flight search engine will never give you the best deal that you are looking for. Go to Expedia, TripAdvisor Flights, Skyscanner, OneTravel, Google Flights, Kayak, Momondo,, Adoda, etc.

8. Check Alternative Airports

Check some alternative airports to see if you can find cheap flights to your landing destination.

If you are living next to the airports, it is always best to select the right airport for you. You may also check some alternative airports or large hubs near your intended destination. But bear in mind to weigh also the possible consequences. For example, the distance to your hotel upon arrival and time.

If you are flying to your destination and are considering parking your car at the airport, then check out Flyparks. Flyparks helps customers find the lowest rates for parking at airports across Australia and New Zealand. You can get great deals on Sydney, Auckland, and even Melbourne Airport Parking.

9. Use Airline Miles

Most airlines have their own privilege or rewards programs. Make sure to sign up, anyway signing up is free of charge. Always check if you already have enough credits to avail FREE or discounted flights. Be part of their loyalty program to earn points and enjoy plenty of perks.

10. Free Flights from Credit Card Miles

Another booking flight tip is by using your credit card. Ask your credit card provider about their terms and conditions. You may also ask if they are affiliated with any airlines. When you sign up for the right travel rewards credit cards and use them efficiently, it is easier than you might think to save up enough miles for free flights — you only pay for travel taxes.

11. Flight Booking Sale- Through Newsletter

Lastly, how to find cheap flights is through the airline newsletters. Airlines usually give promotions and offers. Sign up on their newsletter for you to be updated all the time regarding their promotions. Many airlines only ask you to pay the travel tax and you may enjoy their FREE flights. In the Philippines, some airlines do this. For example, Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific give Piso (₱1) fare tickets sometimes.

Airlines also have special promotion discounts when you are a resident citizen of their country of origin. Check very carefully their terms and conditions because you might be eligible for any discounts.

Lifetime Traveller Tips:

Flying doesn’t have to be expensive. Put some effort and you will surely get the right and best deal. Pliability combined with patience in searching for cheap flights can save you hundreds of dollars.

Are your bags ready? You may also want to read the Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist, Advice for Beginner Travelers, and Money-saving Hotel Tips. Do you have some travel tips that you want to share? Email us at

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