Italy to Open International Borders for Foreign Travelers From June 3

June 3 Italy to open international borders

Most of the sectors are affected by the pandemic, Covid19. Especially in the tourism industry. Many of us were forced to cancel our trips and plans and as a result, we stayed home for months. But, good news! Italy opens its international borders from the 3rd of June. So, we can now travel to Florence! 🙂 As Italy to open international borders, it is your moment to think and plan your visit to this small and charming city!

June 3 opening international boarders
Image Sources: [International Borders in Italy opens on June 3]

Internation travelers (EU) will be allowed in Italy starting next month, June 3, announced by the government. The government mentioned that they are opening the international borders again. Italy is wishing to go back to its original track most especially the tourism sector.

Many people believe that the tourism industry is one of the main foundations of sources of income of the people. Many Italians lost their job causing the country’s crisis. People believe that once they open the international boarders, Italy will slowly go back to its original state.

Opening of Phase III

On the 3rd of June, travelers from UE are no longer required to be isolated and be in quarantine for 14 days. The government is now ending the quarantine but, it doesn’t mean that people are no longer required to wear face masks. The government of Italy is still advising the travellers to wear their face masks until the vaccine for Covid19 came to existence.

Italy opesn international borders on June 3
Image Soures: [Italy opens international borders on June 3]

It has been slowly opening up since its cases began to abate from the start of May. Italy has experienced the third-worst virus outbreak in the world, after the US and UK, based on the data given by Johns Hopkins University.

Covid19 update

As of 18th of May, 2020 at 21:45, there are 225,886 cases have affected by Covid19 in the country. And there is 32,007 death, and 127,326 recovered. (data is based on worldometers).

The 3rd of June will be a very significant day for everyone. Most especially to the history of Italy. It will be like the second independence day for Italians. Free from quarantine and free to move and continue their lives.

Do you have any Corona Virus story you’d like to share? Were your trips canceled before due to Covid19? As Italy to open international borders, on which city you are visiting first? Share your stories here. Please email us at and tell us your story.

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