Italy, Restarts Its Economy on May 18

PM Conte

Hi Travellers! I know you are excited too to travel back again! Good news! No permit needed for Italians after the 18th of May this year. As Italy restarts its economy, people are excited and planning their next trip again. But, is Italy really ready to open the shops after months of lockdown?

What is happening?

Italy restarts its economy slowly and phases by phases. Italy started last 4th of May to ease the restriction and allowed people to get back to their work. But this freedom has limitations still until we are clear from the pandemic and recover again. Social distancing and wearing face mask rules are still strictly implemented.

The start of Journey

Beginning on May 18, 2020, Italians are no longer required to get a permit to go outside of their houses. For the first time after several months that we are locked inside our houses, we can now see the beauty of Italy without any heavy restrictions. The government in the regions will be allowed to reopen bars, restaurants, hotels, barbers, beauty parlors, and some other shops from Monday, May 18th of 2020.

The Press Conference from the President Conte

Finally, Italians can now breathe and go out freely without any requests from the authorities. But this doesn’t mean that big gathering is already allowed.

Mr. Conte, President of the Government announced that travel to and from Italy, and between the country’s regions would be allowed from the 3rd of June. In addition, travellers from Europe will now be allowed to enter and travel to Italy without putting them in isolation for 2 weeks. Swimming pools, gyms, and sports centers shall reopen on 25 of May, and cinemas and theatres on 15 June. For more information about the announcement from the government of Italy, please visit

President Conte planning to restart Italy's economy
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President Conte announced the Phase 2 of restriction due to Covid19 and restarts its economy (Italy)
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Right now, Catholic churches are preparing for the resumption of Masses on the very day, but there shall be strict social distancing, and worshipers should still wear face masks. Likewise, other religious practices may also hold their own services. Many Italians are eager to see how Italy restarts its economy after the pandemic caused by Covid19.

What is your plan?

Where do you go next, travellers? Are you ready to go back on track in travelling? On which city you are visiting first? Is Florence Italy one of your top list? If so, these articles might help you.

Above all the challenges that Italy is facing right now, they can still afford to smile. People are still confident that this will end very soon and shall go back in their normal lives again.

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