Laghetti di Marinello, Lakes Nature Reserve in Messina, Sicily

Marinello Lakes Nature Reserve, Sicily by Lifetime Traveller

So, experiencing nature is fun! Most especially if this is a nature reserve. This summer of 2020, I witnessed the beauty of Sicily and tasted the marvelous and authentic granita. In addition to that, we will be talking about another pride of Sicily. Apart from the Thermal and sulphur mud baths in the Vulcano, we also have the Tindari. The Laghetti di Marinello Lakes Nature Reserve.

To clarify, Marinello Lakes Nature Reserve is a nature-created lagoon of white sand and gravel. Mounted below the stone walls of a promontory. The laghetti (little lakes in english) di Marinello is a nature reserve where amazing scenery is uncluttered by development. Above the little lakes, you can witness the sanctuary of the Black Madonna of Tindari. Sanctuary of the Black Madonna Tindari is a very famous church. This is because the pilgrimage is in a commanding position offering gorgeous sweeping views.


Reached by boat or by foot, the Laghetti di Marinello park is a series of lakes that are ever-changing forms with the persuading winds and tides. It was created and discovered in the 1860s with a combination of tectonic, meteorological, and marine conditions at this strip of coast. (though the local legend is much more colorful. )


Mythical Origin

Firstly, let me tell you a story. Just a short story. Long time ago, there was a woman worshipping the Madonna at the sanctuary above and her son wandered down into the water and was lost. According to the locals, the Black Madonna helped her by parting the waters and bringing the boy to safety. After that, the water stayed separated with the strips of sandy terra firma.

The Tindari promontory is considered as one of the most beautiful destinations in Sicily. It is worth exploring. Moreover, the sanctuary above is definitely worthy of a visit. So, you may dive into the beach after enjoying the view of the Marinello Lakes Nature Reserve from above- Sanctuary of Black Madonna.

The beach of the Laghetti di Marinello is very accessible. As a result, you can enjoy riding a boat to go to the little lakes for only 6 Euros per person. However, you may also want to walk alongside the beach and enjoy the whole beauty of the sand and the mountains. The park entrance is just near the Camping Marinello site.

The Marinello Lakes nature reserve is a protected natural area located in the municipality of Patti (ME). Patti is a province in Messina. The said reserve is occupying an over 400 hectares. Laghetti di Marinello was established in 1998. Moreover, Marinello Lakes Nature Reserve represents an ecosystem of incredible scenic charm. As a result, as the reserve is appropriate for swimming, it is an incredible opportunity to discover a splendid and uncrowded part of the Sicilian seaboard.

Lifetime Traveller Tips:

In conclusion, the best days to visit the laghetti di Marinello nature reserve are before and after summer. That is to say, that to see the real beauty of the lakes as there are no so many tourists during the said days.

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