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Hotel Hacks

The main product of a hotel is its room. People purchase the room first before the other products and services. Planning a trip is a must to enjoy the whole travel days. When we travel there are 3 things that we mainly consider. The first one is the destination we would like to visit next. Second, which airline and where to find cheap flights for our flight tickets. And lastly, on which hotel property we should stay to save money and at the same time, to maximize our hotel experience.

As a hotelier and with in-depth experience in hotel operations, I’ve learned how to get the best hotel experience. I’ve learned how to maximize standout stays in small and big ways. 

Yes, you got the best hotel deal. But, were you happy during your stay? Forget about looking for a hotel property to provide the “comforts of home.”

Keep your money inside your wallet. Learn these hotel hacking tips to save money while enjoying vacation.

There are ways to maximize your hotel experience by asking it in advance. For example, asking a baby crib in advance. Making sure that there will be available one for your baby once you arrive at the hotel.

There are hotel tricks that make you smile. Enlisting here the best hotel hacks that can surely guarantee your hotel experience. No need to make your wallet cry and throw your money left and right.

Here are the tips and tricky ways on how to maximize your hotel experience.

1. Early Entrance, Late Exit

If you are a Princess, you are used to “late entrance and early exit”. Well, to tell you, if you want to maximize your hotel experience start reversing it. Early entrance and late-exit, check it if it is possible. The normal terms in hotels are early check-in and late checkout.

When booking, whether it is direct booking or booking with an online travel agency, ask the policy. Normally, when booking your room, they state their terms and conditions. The standard check-in for most hotels is 14:00 and check out time is 12:00. Even so, ask if it is possible to arrange early check-in and late check-in.

Some hotels may charge you for special requests but, just be nice to them and you will get a higher chance to get approved.

Asking for this favor is not 100% guaranteed. It is upon approval. But, there is nothing wrong with trying. Usually, hotels prioritize their guests who booked directly to them, and guests registered to their loyalty program.

If you are not part of any loyalty program, just remember, early check-ins and late check-outs are not odd requests. To the prime staff of your extension, give the front desk a heads up that you’re thinking of coming early and staying late. Most often they would say, “we can’t guarantee this request in advance,” they will at least make a note in the system, and most smart properties will try and accommodate the request. Whether you gain one hour or four, you’re winning.

Here are the tips on how to save money on your hotel accommodation.

Lifetime Traveller Tip: You can call the hotel front desk team one or two days before your arrival date. Follow up on your requests.

2. Figure Out Your Preferences

You know what you want. You also know what you will be needing during your stay. To make sure that all the things you need will be available, ask the hotel team before you arrive. For example, you will be working along with your stay. It is always better to ask for an extra table where you can work.

If you’re working the entire time, having a spacious desk area may be a priority. If you’re on a romantic escape, a spa tub and a private balcony might be on your must-have list.

Before making a room reservation, list down all the things you will be needing. Make sure to take note of the name of the person you speak to, especially if they guarantee something.

There are guests who prefer a non-smoking room. Make sure to mention to the reservation agent make a note during reservation.

3. Celebrate Good Times

This is one of the best hotel hacks. As a hotelier, I always practice and believe in “guest experience”. When making reservations, make sure to mention your occasions: birthday, anniversary, night away with the family, etc. This gives the hotel a reason and opportunity to give you with perks they have at the ready, whether it’s chocolate-covered strawberries, a bottle of bubbly, a cheese plate, an early check-in/ late check-out, or a coveted upgrade to the lounge level. Yes, hotels do this. Sometimes they even surprise you with a bouquet of flowers lying in your bed. Yea, I, myself, experienced it.

Lifetime Traveller Tip: Call the hotel in advance and let them know what you’re celebrating. If they don’t mention it at check-in (sometimes information gets lost in the shuffle), jokingly let the front desk team know how happy you are to be staying at their hotel to celebrate your occasion. Remind them. Find a way to mention your occasion.

4. Ask For A Better Room

Always remember that not all standard rooms are all the same. Moreover, not all deluxe rooms are the same too. How? Simple, sometimes they differ in some amenities, views, and locations. The location of your room is very important. Most especially if you wish to have a quiet room. Ask the hotel ream not to assign your room near the construction sites, pools, kitchen, and other areas where there is noise.

When booking online, make sure to read and check the details of the room. If you do not see what you want, better to call the hotel and request.

Ask also what view your room has. Always ask for a room with windows and balcony. Having a view is another plus to maximize your hotel experience. Who doesn’t like to see the stunning beauty of the sea while eating? For sure, nobody. But, remember that having a view is one of the factors in pricing your room. Sometimes, the only difference between the deluxe and suite room is the view.

Lifetime Traveller Tip: Upon arrival, you may want to mention your occasion or reason for staying in the hotel to the front desk for better assistance in finding the right room for you. There are front office agents who are very kind in giving freebies. We never know, they might upgrade you for FREE for celebrating with them.

5. Know What Is Included

Alright, this is a very important way to maximize your experience in the hotel, know what is included.

Do not just check-in and lay down. Upon arrival, ask the front office team regarding the facilities and services included in your package. Always remember that the gym, sauna, pool, and business center are usually free of use for all the hotel guests.

Moreover, some hotels give FREE welcome drinks. This may sound like not much, but if you’re a street warrior who spends more time in hotels than in your own home, those small gifts can make a big breach in your bottom line.

Ask also if there are activities for FREE that you can join. For example, yoga, sightseeing, etc.

6. Ask Extras

Who doesn’t love extras? Do not be afraid to ask extras. There are extras that are included in your room rates already. If you are staying in a four-star to luxury property, do not be shy to ask complementaries. You can certainly ask for an extra slipper, toothbrush and paste, extra shampoo and conditioner, additional coffee, pillows, towels, and many more.

Asking for extras is absolutely fine. Maximizing your FREE extras will surely maximize your hotel experience.

Lifetime Traveller Tip: Better to ask for extra bottled water from the housekeeping while you are in the room. On the other hand, when you order bottled water from room service or restaurant, they will surely charge you.

7. Connect With The Hotel Staff

Trust me, be friendly and they will give you what you want. There is nothing wrong with asking their name, how they are today, or even their favorite work shift. Why? Make a connection with them too as they create a rapport with you. Normally, if we are friendly, people tend to help us better. The staff will certainly help you to optimize your hotel escapade.

Getting to know with the hotel employees guarantees your name. By the next time you stay with them again, they will surely immediately know you and what you want. Moreover, employees tend to be more relax and give more information, services, and even products when you treat them well.

Moreover, in case you encounter challenges and problems, calm down and ask for assistance nicely. There is no need to be rude. You can not afford to get stress during your holiday. You are staying there to relaxed and not to get stress. Escalate your problem by asking for the supervisor or manager.

There are guests who complain for the sake of complementary items. This is not us. Never ever do this. I encountered many guests like that. And trust me, it will never be a good idea to bet on your reputation. Plus, you do not want to see your name on the blacklisted guests, right?

Note: Your goal is to stay and relax and not make dramas just to get complementaries. You have a name to protect.

Lifetime Traveller Tips: Be friendly with the employees to get more tips and insider picks and even FREE extras. Bear in mind: It’s all about who you talk to and how you talk to them.

8. Join The Club

Yes, joining their rewards program certainly helps your hotel experience remarkably. There are better perks when you are a member of their hotel loyalty program. Registration is FREE. Prior to booking, ask to sign up. You can use your rewards points to get better service, FREE room, Free room upgrade, meals, items, and even spa services.

If you are not sure how to sign up, ask the front desk during your check in to learn how. They will surely explain to you the benefits of joining their loyalty program.

You can use the loyalty program in any of their hotel branches. For example, you took advantage of the loyalty program of the Marriott International Hotel. You can use your rewards card and points in any of their properties. In addition to that, you can also use them on their sister companies. Marriott International’s united with Starwood, and Ritz Carlton. You can take advantage of their unified rewards program for the better hotel experience.

Some hotels are associated with airlines and some retail shops too. You may want to check that out. Join the hotel loyalty rewards club to optimize your hotel adventure.

9. Check Eligibility For Discounts

We are always looking for an opportunity to get a discount right? Make sure to see if you are in any case eligible for discounts. Some hotels honor students and affiliated organization discounts. Maybe, they can give you complimentary nights, vouchers, or FREE extras while enjoying the hotel staycation.

Ask for discounts to optimize your hotel experience.

Personally, whenever I’m faced with a hotel charge for a spa, I ask about a discount. You may not always get the discounts or the freebies, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask.

Lifetime Traveller Tip: Make a survey and hotel check before booking. Ask if they have a special discount to save money while travelling.

10. Tip Your Favorite Staff

Maximize your hotel experience by giving tips. Why? Because they deserve it. At least leave a note and some penny. There is no need to give $100 tip a day. Just give any amount that complements their good work. They treat you well, treat them well too.

You may also recommend their names while writing your comments on TripAdvisor. As a result, by next time that you are visiting them again, you will be experiencing royal treatment.

Just Enjoy

I personally enjoy travelling when there are complementaries and freebies.

So, you may now enjoy these money-saving tips to optimize your hotel experience. These trip tips will guarantee your happiness. Enjoy your staycation. These trip tips will guarantee your happiness.

Lifetime Traveller Tip:

Do not compromise your holiday. Find a way to enjoy your travel and experience the best out of every single moment.

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