Money-Saving Hotel Tips

Money-Saving Hotel Tips

Real Money-Saving Tips for Everyone

Traveling should not be expensive. How to save your money while traveling? Why spend 2,000 euros if you can spend less, right? Here are the money-saving hotel tips for every traveler.

Focus on your stay and experience, not your wallet.

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Book Room Wisely

First on the money-saving hotel tips is booking room wisely. Booking a room early is always the best. You can possibly get a lower rate when you do so. But, that is not the case all the time. Some hotel brands drop their price rates or tariffs during the last minute reservations. For example, when booking 2 days or a day before you travel, you can get a lower rate. Meanwhile, bear in mind that you can not afford to try your luck. Why? Because you will never know if there will be still some available rooms for you or none.

Book Directly

Some travelers advise you to book with the OTAs. But, I personally prefer booking directly. Don’t be fooled with their false and paid articles. I included this on the money-saving travel tips for personal reasons. Most especially if I will be traveling for holiday. I can not afford to ruin my vacation. I’ve tried many times booking directly and booking with OTAs (,, Trivago). OTAs are only good at searching for travel itineraries and hotel rooms. But, always remember that they are still commission-based agencies. Here are some benefits of booking directly:

1. Better price

So how does booking direct get you better prices? The answer lies with loyalty program rates. Many hotel brands offer discounted rates for those who are members of their property. Since most of the major hotels offer the best available rates, all you need to do is present that price to the hotel and they’ll match on it. They will give you access to all the other perks of booking directly. Since you booked your stay through them. If you find a better price somewhere else, they will surely match and go beyond the rate.

IHG rate guarantee
IHG rate guarantee

2. No lost reservation

Your reservation is direct with the hotel. Don’t get bothered that your reservation will fly somewhere else. Since you are booking directly with the hotel property, guaranteed that they will immediately process your reservation. Making reservations with OTAs sometimes creates conflicts with the booking.

3. Better rooms and better service

You can actually request a better room. By booking on the hotel’s website, you may have the opportunity to make special room requests when you book or once you arrived. For example, you have the privilege to choose what view you prefer (if available in the hotel). The hotel will certainly prioritize you because it is part of their direct booking program.

4. Participate with loyalty program

This is the trend now in hotel marketing, a loyalty program. Most of the hotel chains nowadays have this. Plus, this is absolutely one of the money-saving hotel tips. Stay at the property. Earn your points while enjoying the vacation. But take note that not all hotel chains have a loyalty program. For example, Four Seasons Hotels.

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Stay Outside the City Center

How to save money? Stay outside the city center. Instead of blowing all your money in a city center location, opt for a hotel outside the city limits where you can still enjoy all the attractions during the day. But, get to retreat to a quieter (and cheaper) location to rest at night after your day full of adventures.

Take Advantage Of The Ultra All Inclusive

What is this? If you are staying in a resort, ask what type of packages they have. They may have ultra all-inclusive. No need to pay extras. Hotels love putting plus plus plus and extras extras extras on their guests’ bills. To avoid this, you may want to take advantage of their ultra all-inclusive. All you have to do is to pay the packages and consume anything you want on the property including their services (depends still on the property).

Mention The Celebration

Yes, if you are celebrating something, the hotel might give you a discount or freebies. It is great, right? When you mention that you are celebrating something, they might surprise you of something in the restaurant or in your room. But, remember that honesty is the best policy.

Shop Outside

We all know that prices in the hotels have a plus plus plus pus charges. So, why waste money if you can have your item for a cheaper price? And try to observe this. Some hotels also have different rates on their items from their other outlets. For example, let’s say a coke in-can in the hotel minibar costs 4 euros. Meanwhile, the cost of the same size of coke as in the mini bar in the restaurant costs 3 euros. Some hotels do this. Many hotels take advantage of the fact that some people are feeling lazy to go out and buy their stuff.

Change Money Outside

Money is very valuable to all travelers. As much as possible we try to save money for the next trip. But how? Change your money outside the airports and hotels. This way you’ll also avoid the high commission at the hotel exchange desk. Most of the hotels have lower exchange rating than the regular money changing store. Before changing your money, keep an eye on the fluctuating exchange rates through the live market rates. You may check the rate through XE Currency Converter first before changing your money.


If you are not shy to say hello, then do not be shy to ask. Hotels have Freebies like transportation and amenities. Instead of renting a car or getting a taxi from the hotel lobby, you may ask if they have free transportation for their guests. Usually, big hotel brands have FREE shuttle buses for their valued guests. If you are staying outside the city center, you may ask if they have a FREE shuttle bus for their guests. This is really one of the money-saving hotel tips.

Now, these money-saving hotel tips are really for everyone. We hate wasting food, right? Then why waste money?

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