Musician Plays Guitar With a Rabbit on His Shoulder

Musician Plays Guitar With a Rabbit on His Shoulder

Vladimir and Nuvola are the two new stars of the center of Rome: the first, a 44-year-old Russian musician; the second, a 2-year-old white rabbit. Together, inseparable, they perform on the streets of the capital, attracting the attention of all passers-by with their “show”. A few photos, a few caresses, and certainly a few coins. On the other hand, it is impossible to resist the tenderness of Nuvola, constantly curled up on the shoulders of his master like a parrot. And would you like to see this strange couple live?

Rome is is still Rome. Although there are no tourists, the beauty of Rome is still shining. It is sad to see that the Eternal City is almost empty.

Musician and the rabbit pet in Rome
Musician and his adorable rabbit pet in Rome street.

So, as I was walking around towards the Pantheon, I saw a musician playing guitar with a white, beautiful, charming, and clean rabbit sitting on his shoulder. Upon seeing them, I remembered the movie that I just watched on Netflix a couple of days ago. The movie was all about a street drug addict and a musician at the same time in London, he found a cat. He made the cat his own pet. To cut the story short, his pet gave him luck. The cat made him famous. The old musician and drug addict is now a famous author. He wrote their own story with his cat. The title of the movie is “A Street Cat Named Bob”, a must to watch movie.

So, Let’s go back to my story of the musician in Rome with his rabbit. The rabbit and the musician were really charming. They are couples. Honestly, I didn’t know the song or the music he was playing. I was just astonished by their relationship together.

It was so beautiful how they jived together. The rabbit was dancing on his shoulder while the musician was playing.

A street musician with his friend, a rabbit.

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Upon arriving home, I check on the internet who these two are. I found one article about them and I came to know that he, the musician, and the rabbit are both from Russia.

So, I have no idea about the personal story of the street musician and his pet, the rabbit. But, I am sure that they are cute together and they prove the great relationship and connection between human beings and animals.

Therefore, I am looking forward to seeing and joining Vladimir and Nuvola next time. Maybe I can dance while they are playing.:-)

Musician and the rabbit pet in Rome
Musician and the rabbit pet in Rome playing together.

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