Plan Your Next Trip The Easiest Way

tips on planning your next trip- Plan Your Next Trip The Easiest Way, to do when you're not travelling

Ready. Get set. Go! Go for your next adventure trip! Ready to plan your next trip? Here are some useful pointers on how to plan your next trip and surely enjoy your holiday.

Preparing for Holiday

Holidays often start off as an amazing idea and then suddenly end up being a tremendous nightmare to carry on. Sometimes we are planning for nothing. And we do not want this to happen again. When you plan your next trip, make sure you plan them accordingly. The lack of know-how on how to plan a trip often reflects during “unseen hurdles” on a vacation.

Planning a trip may not be easy. From luggage to landing destinations, there’s a lot to consider. If you want your plan to be a success, then atleast you should have a basic knowledge of how to create and manage your plans systematically. The lack of understanding on how to plan your next trip often reflects during “unseen obstacles” on a sojourn.

Here are some handy trip planning tips that will definitely help you be prepared for your next trip.

1. Where Do You Want To Go

When planning decide on which place you really want to visit. Pick the right place for your next adventure. Consider the different factors. For example, the weather, budget, gears, availability of flights and accommodation, and etc. Ask yourself if it is really the destination you want to visit.

Where to Next- plan your next trip in easiest way
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2. Decide The Length Of Your Trip

How long are you leaving? Are you going for 2 days, 5 days, 1 week, or a month? Planning your next trip is never been easy if you do not have guidelines. Deciding on the length of your trip depends on you and the place you’re visiting. This depends on your budgeting skills and the activities you may be doing while on the trip too. Consider the place you are visiting. If you are only travelling in a small city where there are no so many activities, then maybe you can decrease a little bit your length of travel. Hence, why spend money for no reason stay, right? The length of your trip is a huge factor in determining how much money you need. Give yourself a time to think over until you come upon a very good answer.

3. Who Will You Be With

Are you travelling alone or go with someone? Plan your next trip by asking your self who will be with you during the days that you are away.

Think very carefully the pros and cons of group travelling and solo travelling. Travelling alone will give you the liberty to go anywhere you want. You just go wherever the wind takes you! On the other hand, if you are travelling with friends or whoever, all the travellers should decide on every move that you do. Meanwhile, if you are solo traveller, you have to do all the planning yourself — which can seem strenuous if you’re new to trip planning.

Travelling with someone means you are not alone for everything. From planning to adventuring, you are not alone. Planning is easier if you have someone who can help you. But, remember that during the trip, you have individual preferences. For example, you want to have dinner inside the hotel but some of your travel partners are deciding to eat outside. A conflict, I know.

So, before travelling think very carefully who will be with you while exploring the world. Will you be alone or with partners?

4. Figure Out The Expenses

This is a crucial part of travelling sometimes. In planning your next trip, budgeting is always there. No one can afford to skip on this, unless, you are willing to throw your money away.

So, you already decided where to go and the length of stay. Now, you have to do your budget. In budgeting consider the different elements that can affect your adventure. For example, your flight, accommodation, activities, food, and etc. Calculate the possible expenses. But, that is not enough. Make sure to have extra. You will never know if there will be some incidents that will happen during the trip. Also, I am sure that you won’t go home without any souvenirs, right?

If you are not sure about the prices, you can google it. Grab a pen and paper and make sure to list down every single expense.

5. Commence Saving For Your Next Trip

Is your budget enough for your next planned trip? If not, then you still have the chance to do something. Start saving to plan your trip very well without flaws.

After budgeting, now it is time if you have enough savings. To properly execute your planned trip, start saving. You already calculated the possible expenses. Now, earn some money for your next trip. It is good if you plan your next travel adventure 2 or 3 months before. So that, you can properly think of your plans accordingly.

6. Check The Best Deal

Alright, you are good to go. But wait, are you really on the right track? Check very carefully before deciding things. Most especially when it comes to money expenses. Plan your next trip by searching for better deals. Before you go and buy that flight sit or book that room, check for deals you might have misheard. Prior to booking, check on some deals online. Yes, you already picked your destination but, you’ll never know if there are better deals that are hiding. For example, you are planning to go to Maldives but, there are great deals and packages to the Philippines right now. You can’t afford to miss this. Or, you may be dreaming of Maldives only but there is a cruise deal that offers 50% OFF that sails around Maldives and Sri Lanka.

Nowadays, there are plenty of options. So, before you finalize your trip, ask and check if there are better deals.

7. Book Flight

Next, plan your next trip by booking your flight. But, how do you book your flight? Do you book directly or you ask help from online travel agencies? When booking your flight, make sure to check with OTAs (Skyscanner, Expedia, Kayak, Agoda, and etc.) and check the rate on the airline website. Read very carefully the terms and conditions to avoid hidden charges.

I can help you on how to get cheap flights and save money. There are ways to do that. Do not just book right away. Be resourceful. Flying doesn’t have to be expensive. Pliability combined with patience on searching cheap flights can save you hundreds of dollars.

8. Book Accommodation

Okay, you are almost there! Now, as part of planning your trip is booking your accommodation. Again, weigh the rate between OTAs (,, Trivago,, Kayak, Momondo etc.) and hotel websites.

Book Accommodation for your next trip
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When booking reservations, weigh your budget once again. However, not only your budget but also the product and services you would like to experience during your stay. Check if the activities you are intended to experience at the destination are available in the hotel. But, bear in mind that hotels have special rates.

See some money-saving hotel tips and make them your guide.

9. Get Travel Insurance

This is optional. It is not a must. However, in case something happened, there is help ready to support you. Moreover, when getting a visa, some embassies require you to get travel insurance.

When you plan your next trip and you wish to have travel insurance, choose the right for you. there is no need to buy a very complicated one if you don’t need it. Insurance is very essential for travellers.

Travel insurance is much more than just medical protection. It is always best to have protection with you!

10. Plan The Activities

Before packing your stuff, list down the activities you would like to experience. Admitting, I usually do this. Usually, I plan my next trip by listing down the things I want to do during my travel period. Before travelling, I am writing down the things I would like to do. Why? For me to budget my time and money.

Go online and check the possible activities that you can do at the destination. Check the prices and the provider. Mix and match the rates and select the one that appeals to you the most. When you plan for your activities, go back again to your calculated budget.

Now, it is also important to think about your time. Do not risk having 20 activities in a day. For example, it is impossible and hard to do snorkeling, mountain climbing, shopping, sightseeing, and clubbing in just 5 hours. It is your vacation and you want to enjoy every single minute of the day.

Moreover, before you leave home, think of the activities that you want to prioritize. That way, if you run out of time or money, you can focus on your top activities so you don’t miss them out. In addition, make sure to check your calendar. See if there are no holidays or other hurdles that will block you from certain activities too.

To the fact that you are visiting a place, try also the activities that you never experience. Eat and dine into the local restaurants. In general, Experience their culture and traditions.

11. Pack Your Stuff

It is starting to feel real now, isn’t it? Your trip is coming up fast and it’s time to get packing! This is the most exciting part of planning but confusing. When it comes to packing, the more you save space the better. Bear in mind that heavy things should be placed at the bottom of the bag and lighter things at the top.

Pack only the things that you really need. There is no need to bring the whole wardrobe. Remember, the lighter your bag is, the better.

See the ultimate travel packing checklist as your guide in packing your gears. The tips are for all types of travellers.

12. Be Ready To Smile On Your Trip

Act like a traveller but, experience like a local. If you’re new in travelling read the top 10 advice for the beginners.

safe travel and smile while planning your next trip
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Now that you are ready, you can relax and wait for your takeoff. Trust your planning, follow your instincts, and you’ll have the trip of a lifetime traveller. I swear!

Do not compromise your holiday because of bad planning.

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