Riding Electric Scooter Safety Tips

Riding Electric Scooter Safety Tips by Lifetime Traveller.

There are plenty of electric scooters nowadays. there is Wind, Helbiz, Dott, and etc. At this moment, we are highlighting the safety guidelines and tips for riding an electric scooter.

Please remember to keep your safety and others’ in mind when riding an electric scooter. Riding Electric Scooter Safety Tips before starting your ride. So, stay put and follow these electric scooter riding tips. These essential tips are a must to follow to avoid unwanted events. Here are some tips to follow just that: 

Do a quick safety check before every ride

  • Are the lights working? Test them out to make sure before riding.
  • Check the brakes. Squeeze the brake lever(s) to make sure the brakes work.
  • Check if the tires are full, no wires are hanging loose, and there’s no visible damage. 

A quick check before riding electric scooter will help you not to waste time and avoid accidents.

Tips for safe riding

  • Don’t wear headphones or earphones, look at your phone, or do any other kind of distracting behavior that could take your attention away from the traffic at hand.
  • Avoid splash and road debris.
  • Don’t use an umbrella while riding. Always keep both hands on the handlebars. When it’s cold outside, wearing thick gloves can help with your grip.
  • Don’t eat, drink, and ride. These put you and others at risk.
  • Ride and stay calmly and smoothly. Avoid making sudden moves and always keep an eye on the traffic and the people around you.
  • Keep enough distance between you and the vehicles around you. As a result, you have plenty of time to brake. Watch out for other and large vehicles and don’t ride in their blind spots.
  • Avoid braking or accelerating too hard, especially when riding on smooth and slippery surfaces.
  • Never ride on sidewalks. Keep them safe for pedestrians and remember to park according to the rules in your city. Check the scooter parking guidelines section for the full details.
  • Stick to one rider per scooter. Never ever override.
  • Wear reflective gear when riding at night and in low visibility. For example, foggy, snowy weather. Use electric scooter safety gear.
  • We strongly advise you to wear a helmet before starting the ride. In some countries, wearing a helmet is required by law, but it’s a key safety measure anywhere.
  • One person per vehicle only.
electric scooter tips by Lifetime Traveller
[ Young people of Rome riding recklessly. Images credit: Reuters ]

Remember to always respect your local laws and rules. Please note that for your safety and that of others, there’s a legal fine if you don’t follow the rules of the city and the vehicle company. Always keep in mind these Riding Electric Scooter Safety Tips to avoid accidents and extra hassles.

Moreover, before riding, check on the speed limit of your city. Always follow the city rules to avoid fines and hassle events. Read the terms and conditions and the electric scooter riding tips of the vehicle you are using.

Take care of yourself and others. Happy and safe riding!

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