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Social distance in Italy. How is Italy after the quarantine period? What life awaits us after this? These are some of the questions that we asked ourselves during the home quarantine era.  During the lockdown, almost everything was closed except pharmacies and grocery stores. For many people, this must be the saddest part of their lives. But the good news is, we are fighting and we are about to end this pandemic with the cooperation of authorities, government, and the people! 


Finally, we see life again. We can now wake up and see the beauty of life and mother earth. According to history, this is Europe’s longest lockdown. Italy lets millions of people get back to work after 2 months of home quarantine. Italy started last May 4 to ease the restriction and allowed people to get back to their work. But this freedom has limitations still until we are clear from the pandemic and recover again. Social distancing and wearing face mask rules are still strictly implemented. The question here is, do people respect and follow the advice from the government?


After 2 months, Italians were able to leave their houses as the country started to ease lockdown restrictions. But it seems like some people are not understanding the importance of social distancing still. The report of Express last Monday, May 4, 2020, says that hundreds of people were photographed in St Mark’s Square in Venice after the government announced the ease of restriction.



Courtesy [Italians disregard social distancing rules as Italy begins to ease lockdown]


Courtesy [Hundreds of people in St Mark’s Square in Venice as restrictions began to ease]


Also, people traveling are being required to wear face masks as immediate protection and should never forget the social distancing. But hundreds of commuters were photographed at the Termini Central train station not following the order. 


Courtesy [Hundreds of commuters ignore social distancing rules in Milan]


Courtesy People are being ordered to social distance and wear masks while on public transport]


In Florence Italy, a small city in Tuscany, people are happy going out and enjoying history. They go to the park, eat gelato, and people are going now to work finally. Also, in Florence, there are some people who do not respect the announcement to wear masks and practice social distancing. But most of the Florentines are afraid of getting infected and get sick. Some people are politely still following rules.


Courtesy @mrjericurbayo [Italians disregard social distancing rules as Italy begins to ease lockdown]


Courtesy @mrjericurbayo [Florentines respect the social distancing rule. Boys walking towards Piazza di Michelangelo]


At this juncture, It is hard for everyone. We never know until when we will fully recover again and get back to our everyday and normal life. The city center has local with a low number of expats and tourists. So now let us stop the dramas. Express comfort for those who lost their jobs, suffering from poverty, and lost their loved ones. Respect the law. Move on and learn the lessons. Let us hope everyone will recover and find their ways to land their new jobs. 

Let us not forget our dreams to see and explore the world. Summer is coming! We can now feel the breeze of the ocean. For now, we can start thinking about our vacation, finally. But there is no guarantee yet when it is possible. Read blogs for guidance from time to time. We have enlisted here the TOP 35 ITALY TRAVEL BLOGS as your references for your next trip.


Buona giornata, Italia!

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