Stay Safe While Travelling- 15 Travel Safety Tips

Stay Safe While Travelling- Best tips and ways to stay safe by Lifetime Traveller

Stay Safe While Travelling

Hey, stay calm. Do not panic. Enjoy your travel. Here are the best travel safety tips. After the pandemic, many of us are afraid of travelling again. Safety is a big topic nowadays. After the pandemic, people are afraid of traveling immediately as there is no assurance of safeness yet. I would like to give you some sensible advice with these tips and ways to stay safe while travelling which are applicable all over the world.

Practice Safety Trips

I am enlisting here some of the safety practices for every traveller. Whenever I travel, before and after the pandemic, I always keep these practices in mind when I travel. And now, I am recommending them to you, too.

If you’re planning your next trip and wondering how to travel safely, look no further than these simple and uncomplicated travel safety tips for your ultimate safe travel guide.

Apart from wearing masks and gloves which are implemented by the government, it is always good to remember these safety travel tips. Here are the basic and essential tips on how to travel safely.

1.Learn the Language

It is very important to know the basics. Basic is fundamental for everything. Learning the language will help you to communicate better with the locals. I am recommending you to learn atleast the basics not only does it enrich the trip experience it also helps you when you run into challenges.

Tip: Download online and offline dictionaries. It is always good to have back up in case you run out of words to use. You may download Babbel and Duolingo as your guide in learning the basic languages.

2. Keep An Eye On Your Belongings

Stay organize. Never ever leave your belongings out of your sight. You should keep an eye on your stuff. Bad people are everywhere. When travelling, wrap your luggage. Wrappers are available in some airports.

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Wrap your luggage and have a safety trip

Tip: Big stations, airports, or busy spots are the best-loved places for pickpockets therefore you should never leave your luggage unattended.

3. Don’t Show Your Valuables Around

Stay safe while travelling by not showing off. I know you are travelling with your expensive stuff. But, there is no need to show them off in the middle of nowhere. There is no point in showing you $5000 in your wallet. Take it out when you need it.

Moreover, there is no need to put flashy jewelry in the middle of unsafe places. Wearing high-priced and flashy jewelry is one sure way to make yourself an obvious target for robbery. 

Tip: If you are travelling in crowded area, leave your lavish stuff at home.

4. Know The Phone Number For Emergency Services

Make sure to look up the emergency services number for your landing destination, even before you get there. It’s also a good idea to look up the number for your country’s nearest embassy before you leave. Write them down or save them on your phone so you’ll have immediate access to them in the event of a catastrophe. We never know what is ahead of us and what will happen to s during our trip.

Tip: In case of an emergency you should always know the numbers to call: insurance, family, bank, doctor, police. and etc.

5. Use Travel Locks

Before travelling, purchase padlocks or any locking device. Having a travel lock that can secure your bag to your seat or chair while enjoying your transit will help keep your valuables safe from theft. This is to ensure the safeness of your valuables. Upon arrival at your hotel, ask if there is a safety box in your room. Make sure not to use your birthday and anniversary as passcodes since those are very easy to guess.

6. Use Your Wallet To Pay

It is time to improve. It is time to use your digital gadget as your payment option. Stay safe while travelling while enjoying shopping.

No need to carry your expensive and heavy pouch. Use your gadgets to pay. IPhone users have a wallet on their mobiles. Save your credit card on your mobile phone wallet and it will ease your payment experience.

7. Make Digital Copies of Your Important Documents

Travelling abroad is quite more challenging than travelling domestically. When travelling, make sure you have back up of your travel documents. Save them on your phone or online where they are fully secured. For example, your passport may be the first thing you remember during your departure time. Passport can be considered as one of the most valuable things you carry when travelling.

Tip: Make a copy of your IDs and make sure to secure them.

8. Never Hand Over Important Documents to Strangers

Yes, never ever give your travel documents to strangers. Most especially if they contain sensitive information. People nowadays do their very best to steal money from others. They might get a copy of your documents and use them against you.

9. Be Conscious of Frauds

“Trust no one”, this is a very popular phrase. There are different types of scams. Be aware of yourself on which scam is famous at your landing destination. Be aware of what is going on in your surroundings.

Tip: Never entrust your valuables to those whom you do not know. Verify the information and sources before processing any requests.

10. Drink Responsibly

Okay. This is very important. This is on of the best tips in staying safe while travelling.

Many of us love drinking an indulging ourselves in local nightlife while travellling. Be mindful of your actions. It is super important to drink responsibly while travelling. Remember that that is not yor home land. You do not want to end up in nowhere to found places, right?

But, wait, lady travellers, always remember that you are a lady at a party. Never forget one of the men’s weaknesses. Always keep an eye on your drink glasses.

Tip: Being obviously drunk makes you an easy target for scams or fraud, robbery, or even worse. 

11. Travel Insurance

Before issuing the Visa, some embassies may require you to purchase travel insurance in accordance with their law. But this is only applicable in some countries. Ask your destination embassy for their requirements.

Moreover, as a traveller, this is optional. I am advising you to purchase travel insurance prior to your trip. We never know what will happen next. It is always best to be secured.

12. Travel Light

Before travelling, you may want to make a checklist of things you must bring while travelling. There is no need to bring your wardrobe. When it comes to packing, the more you save space the better. Bear in mind again that some airlines would allow you only to carry on 1 bag only inside the plane (if traveling by plane).

Tip: The smaller you carry the more you can move freely.

13. Ask Advice From The Right People

There is nothing wrong with asking information from a stranger. But, we can not afford to take a risk. Always ask to the people who are locally working or to the authorities. Avoid misleading information.

14. Download Necessary Travel Applications

Having a human local guide is good. But, they are not always there with you. For sure, your phone is. Download online and offline maps. is a very good offline maps that leads you to the right way. In adittion, download also Google Maps as your back up in case yoour offline maps wont work.

15. Trust Your Instincts

If you feel like not going or not doing it, do not force yourself. There is nothing wrong with trusting yourself. If you feel uncomfortable about it, there must be something.

Tip: You know yourself better than others do. You know what you want and makes you happy. Trust yourself.

Stay safe while travelling. In conclusion, crimes happen all over the world. There is no specific place where danger is. Be mindful of your actions.

Analyse before you move and think before you click.


Now, it is time to pack your stuff and experience and explore the world!

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