The Most Beautiful Fountain in Rome, Trevi Fountain

Most beautiful fountain in Rome- Trevi Fountain

So, to continue our journey in Rome, Italy, we will be talking about the most beautiful fountain in Rome- Trevi Fountain. Let me uncover the real secret and the untold myth behind throwing coins in Trevi Fountain.

Trevi Fountain is also known as Fontana di Trevi in Italian. It is located at the Piazza di Trevi in Rome, Italy. Travellers can enjoy the stunning view of the fountain for FREE. Yes, absolutely free!

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The History of Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is the most beautiful water fountain you would ever see in Rome. Measuring approximately 20 meters in width by 26 meters in height, Trevi Fountain is also the largest fountain in the city of Rome. In addition, Trevi Fountain is the largest Baroque fountain in the city and one of the most famous fountains in the world. Fontana di Trevi is designed by an Italian architect, Nicola Salvi, and completed by Giuseppe Pannini among others.

The fountain was built at the end of an aqueduct (Aqua Virgo) that was regulated in 19 B.C. The said Aqua Virgo was built by Augustus’s son-in-law, Agrippa to supply water for the Roman Baths. The water for the fountain comes from the Salone Springs about 14 miles outside of Rome City.

Originally, Pope Urban VIII paid Bernini to build the Trevi Fountain. However, Pope Urban VIII died prior to the completion of the fountain and the project was stopped during that time. Then, after a century, Pope Clement XII asked Nicola Salvi in 1732 to design a fountain to be built in the Trevi Square. Salvi took some of the original designs of Bernini. And to complete the statue, it took them 30 years.

Hidden Meaning of the Design of the Trevi Fountain

Have you ever wonder why the design of Trevi Fountain is mystical? Behind the amazing architecture, Trevi fountain has its own design stories. Salvini planned the fountain very well. The most beautiful fountain in Rome- Trevi Fountain has a very unique design. So, let me tell you the design stories.

Moreover, the central figure in the fountain is the God of the sea, Neptune. Neptune is riding a chariot in the shape of a shell that is pulled by two sea horses. And each sea horse is being guided by a Triton. One horse is calm and the other is furious. This is to say, each horse symbolizes the moods of the sea.

To the left of Neptune is a statue representing Abundance. On the other hand, on the right a statue represents Health. The water at the bottom of the Trevi fountain represents the sea.

The Myth of the Trevi Fountain

Have you ever wonder why people are throwing coins into the water in Trevi Fountain? Now, it is time to try your luck with this beautiful scenery!

In Trevi Fountain, you can try your luck. Luck in Love. Originating in 1954 with the movie “Three Coins in the Fountain,” the myth is:

  • If you toss one coin: you will return to Rome
  • If you toss two coins: you will return to Rome and fall in love
  • And if you toss three coins: you will return to Rome, fall in love, and marry the person you met.

Sounds charming, right? Meanwhile, according to the statistics, approximately a million euro worth of coins is being collected from the water fountain each year. So, with luck or no luck, your money goes to a good charity. Definitely, your money is not wasted. Therefore, don’t miss to visit Trevi Fountain as it is one of the best things and places to see in Rome, Italy.

The Most Beautiful and Charming Fountain in the World

Evidently, the Trevi Fountain is the most beautiful fountain in Rome, Italy. At least for me. One of the reasons why Rome is famous because of the Trevi Fountain.

Further, no trip to Rome is ever completed without visiting the Altar of the Fatherland and the famous Trevi Fountain. These areas are always full. Subsequently, the Trevi fountain is best to visit during the wintertime as there are no so many people.

In conclusion, Trevi Fountain is very famous for soul searchers. They visit the beautiful fountain and try their luck by throwing coins. Above all the thousand fountains in Rome, Trevi Fountain is truly the best. During your Rome tour, never ever skip this amazing, charming, and historical fountain- Fontana di Trevi.

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  1. I agree with you that the Trevi Fountain is the most beautiful fountain in Rome. In addition the story behind the architecture and the meaning of it makes it more nteresting.

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