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Which part of Sicily, Italy have you ever been to? Have you heard of the Sulphur Mud Baths in Vulcano, Sicily?

I love wellness, spas, and so do you. Today, I discovered something new: the sulphur mud baths on the island of Vulcano in Sicily. It is open-air FREE wellness in Sicily. If you are travelling with your pets, check our ultimate guide when travelling with pets.

Yesterday, I just discovered a beautiful destination, the thermal and sulphur mud baths in the Vulcano. Yes, ut was an amazing experience.

This article is just a piece of sneak information about my one day journey in the Vulcano and some other islands in Sicily. Another article will be posted soon to tell you more information about the amazing adventure in Vulcano. This article is based on my opinion and experiences.

So, here is the story. My family and I decided to go on a boat ride towards the small, mountainous island with villages in Filicudi, Sicily. It would have been a very nice experience. However, something went wrong: the waves, the Seamans’ enemy.


The waves were getting higher and higher as we were en routing to the island. It was sad, I know. However, that didn’t stop us to sneak a peek into the other islands.

We dived into the clear sea of Salina, Lipari, and on the way back we stopped in Vulcano. Was an amazing experience, I can tell. Trust me, it is worth paying a visit.

The sulphur mud baths in Volcano, Sicily

Our stop here is unforgettable. Here is the story of the thermal and sulphur mud baths in the small islands of Sicily.

About the Vulcano

I made a small research and found out that the Vulcano is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the year 2000. The Vulcano is a must stop whenever you go to Sicily. Vulcano Island is more than just the mud baths (also known as Laghetto di Fanghi in Italian).

The Vulcano in Sicilian is Vercanu. The Island is situated at the north of Sicily and southernmost end of the seven Aeolian Islands. This amazing Island is one of the seven islands of Aeolian (locally known as Isole Eolie).

Open-air Mud Baths

Soak in the Vulcano Island Mud Baths/Hot Springs. Indulge with this small island of the Aeolian archipelago, actually, there are real open-air thermal pools. The hot mud of Vulcano is an unforgettable and remarkable experience. Why so? Your skin will become more incredibly smooth and soft like a child and elastic. Not only that, do not forget the many other therapeutic effects of sulphurous mud.

Enjoying the Beach

Okay. So, when we went to the said islands, we had our own boat. It is quite pricy but, it was worth it. If you are planning really to manage your own time, it is always best to have your own boat. You can go wherever you want and stay as long as you want.

The incredible sulphur mud bath in Sicily by Lifetime Traveller

Vulcano beach is superb. There are parts of the beach that are warm and cold. While enjoying the hot spring from the Vulcano, soak into the water, and indulge with the view underneath. Witness and feel the beauty of the hot air bubbles from the ground.

So, how we got there if we rode with our own boat? The boat regulation is at least 150 meters away from the shoreline. We didn’t have much choice but to swim from our boat to the coastline. Simple, my nephew and I swam till we reached the seashore of the Vulcano beach. The rest of the family members didn’t come with us due to the smell of the sea. I can’t blame them because some meters away from the main thermal bath, you can smell the bad odor of the sulphur. But, we had so much fun in there.

On The Other Side of The Beach

If you are wishing to climb too, I advise you to set a very good time. You might spend 45 minutes climbing the mountain and get some rest while enjoying the view from above for about an hour again. I would advise you to climb first the mountain before soaking yourself on the mud bath.

As of the moment, it is sad to say that the Mud Baths behind the beach are close due to the pandemic, Covid19. Moreover, as of the moment, there is no announcement yet when they will be opening the Mud Baths in Vulcano.

However, you may enjoy still taking a bath and get a little mud from the seashore. Just like we did.

While riding the boat going the sulphur mud baths of the volcano, we saw a beautiful resort. And we came to know it was the famous Therasiaresort.

If you like to book a very nice, cheap, and secured guided tour, I am advising you to book at Therasiaresort Sea and Spa as they are well experienced about the tours in the Vulcano. Honestly, I have never stayed on this property. However, I heard a lot of good things about the resort. They provide secured accommodation and tours. I will surely stay with them next time. You may visit their official website to inquire about their amazing products and services.

Enjoying the beauty of the Volcano, Sicily.

Packing Suggestions for Vulcano Island Beach

  • Portable Water Bottle
    If you are planning to hike, make sure to bring your own bottled water. Save mother earth. Instead of buying super expensive water down the road, why don’t you bring your own bottled water, right?
  • Sunscreen Cream
    This is very important. If you wish to get toasted then no need to bring one. However, sunscreen is very important as the sun is very strong that you may burn yourself in nanoseconds.
  • Snorkeling Mask
    Yes, if you want to see and witness the beauty underneath, then bring your snorkeling masks. Enjoy swimming with the different species and sizes of fishes while relaxing with the hot bubbles from the ground.
  • Towel
    Want to enjoy the sun after the bath? Then bring your comfy towels. If you need something to dry off, then bring your beach towel.

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Lifetime Traveller Note:

The Vulcano Mud Baths in Sicily is temporarily closed due to social distancing restriction. However, you may still enjoy some muds by the seashore and the hot bubbles from the ground.

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