Tips for Travelling with Pets, Your Ultimate Guide

Tips for Travelling with Pets, your ultimate guide by Lifetime Traveller

Sometimes we feel not complete while travelling if we left something or someone at home. Leaving your favorite dog, cat, rabbit, or bird at home while you are enjoying the travel is like leaving your soul at home. So, good news! Here are now the tips for travelling with pets.

Our pets are like family. Sorry, they are really members of our family. You don’t want to leave your puppy behind if you don’t have to. And now, here are the tips for travelling with your lovely pets.

Before booking a reasonable flight, make sure to plan your trip very carefully. From planning to adventuring by land and by air, we delight you the lowdown on how to travel with pets while making your journey as simple and stress-free as possible. Are you ready?

Lifetime Traveller Tip:

Traveling with your pets sometimes dictates where you can and can’t go. So, it is advisable to think very carefully if you really want to travel with your charming pets.

Before You Travel

Okay, before diving into your next adventure with your pet, start with the basics.

1. Research the Pet Rules and Regulations of Your Destination

This is the first thing that you have to do. The first tip for travelling with pets is making research. If you are traveling abroad or even between cities, check the requirements of your landing destination country, city, town, or state. There might be some rules and laws that are different from your country of origin.

Many countries and cities have specific health, vaccination, and quarantine rules and regulations. Verify the rules by visiting the official embassy website of the country.

More countries are starting to require pets to have a microchip implant, which is an effective way to find your pet if it gets lost or runs away.

2. Acquire a Health Certificate

Pet owners are advised to let their vets know as soon as travel becomes a possibility. It may take many appointments before all the paperwork and vaccinations are fully complete. So, plan your vet visits well in advance of your trip. If you are already sure that you are travelling with your pet, better to consult the vet immediately.

Getting a health certificate is one of the tips for travelling with pets. Health certificates are required by your landing destinations, airlines, border authorities, hotels, pet-care centers, and many more. In some cases, you need to get your health certificate with a length of 10 days of starting your trip. Research the specific requirements of your itinerary before visiting the vet. This is to include all the necessary information on the certificate.

Make sure to make an electronic and hard copy of your certificate. Some hotels, airlines, travel agencies, pet care centers, and customs and immigration agencies require a printed record of your pet’s veterinary certificate. Instead of printing off reams of copies for every possible situation, just print off a couple and keep an electronic copy with you. Save them on your portable drive or on your online drive.

3. Prepare Your Pet and Pack the Essentials

Make a list and stock up on all the things that will increase your pet’s comfort while on the adventure. You should ensure that you have a spacious carrier that is appropriate for travelling. Think of what transportation you are riding. If you plan to fly, your airline will specify all the necessary requirements. Ask the airlines if what are their requirements for travellers’ with pets.

4. Carry Enough Amounts of Pet Food

Do not exaggerate. If you are traveling for a week, then prepare food for your pet for 9 days only. Let us take some excess because we never know what will happen. There is no need to bring the whole 50-kilogram sack of pet food. That is a waste of luggage allowance. Always remember that you will pay any excess baggage.

5. Bring a Pet First Aid Kit

Another safety tips when travelling with your pets is bringing their first aid kit. Again, not to exaggerate but, having a little kit to take care of your pet can prevent you from worrying about something at the last minute. We never know what may happen to your pet during the trip. If your pet has a specific allergy, you want to bring also their prescribed medicines.

Staying in Hotels

Be aware that there are hotels that do not accept pets. Hotels have different services, rules, and restrictions when it comes to checking in with pets. Here are some hotel hacks to bring your pets in the hotel:

6. Finding Pet-Friendly Hotels

Before booking your hotel accommodation, check on the website first. I highly advise you to call the hotel and ask directly for clarification.

7. Ask Questions Before You Book

Asking is not a crime. Never hesitate to ask for information.

Pet rules differ dramatically by the hotel. Yea, I know it is crazy. Ask the following questions to ensure you’re getting a good deal for both you and your pet:

  • Do you have size restrictions?
  • Which pets do you only allow in the hotel (your alligator pet is not allowed, for example)?
  • Do you offer services for pets?
  • What are the rules and restrictions (for example, are there certain places I can and can’t go with my pet)?
  • Are there nearby walking parks where I can enjoy walking with my pet?
  • Are there any extra fees for checking in with pets?

Asking these questions will help you to determine the right hotel for you.

8. Book a Hotel With an Outdoor Restaurant

You need air. And your pet too. You need ventilation. Hang out with your pet outside. Ask the hotel if they have restaurants that have tables outside.

Moreover, take consideration also to the other guests. There may be guests who have allergies of pets.

9. Request a Room on the First Floor

This is absolutely a safety tip when travelling with your pets. Why? Because our pets love walking and running. We are trying to avoid an accident here, both your pet and other guests. Plus, it is best too if you have direct outside access.

10. Have a Toy for Distraction While Checking In and Unpacking

Keeps your pet busy and distracted while you are in the lobby, or while you are unpacking and organizing your stuff. Let them play while you are checking in. You can not be distracted. There are information on the front desk that you have to know while checking in. Ask someone to check on your bet on your behalf while checking in.

Lifetime Traveller Tip

You may also give your pet a toy to play while checking in. However, make sure that your pet won’t create any extra noise, mess, and troubles.

Flying With Pets

Flying with your dearest pet is never been easy. There are plenty of requirements and regulations that a pet owner must follow.

11. Book to a Pet-Friendly Airline Carrier

Not all airlines are pet-friendly. Make sure that the airline you are flying with can accommodate your pet too. Of course, you do not want to travel separately, right?

Call the airline before booking. Airlines have differing rules and regulations for traveling with pets. Always double-check with the airline for their requirements before you book your flight. You can check the different airline requirements for pets first. However, you should still call the airline to confirm that their rules are updated. It is always best to ask directly to the airlines. We never know if their rules changed. Sometimes, rules are subject to changes and improvements.

Road Trips With Pets

It is easier to travel with your pets on the road rather than flying. However, there are still some reminders that every pet travel owner should always remember.

12. Limit Driving Hours

We, human beings need rest. So with our dearest pets. After a couple of hours, make at least 15 minutes break out of the road. Make frequent stops at parks, or somewhere you can relax a little bit, or just somewhere you can walk with your pet- to strike the boredom.

13. Keep Them on Your Sight

From time to time, check on your pets. Never put them on a carrier before leaving and just check on them once you arrived. That is not good. Along the road, check on your pets if they are okay are not. People are better because when we feel something, we can describe how we feel. But, our pets? They can’t.

In addition to that, do not just sit and play your favorite music while enjoying the ride. Always think that you brought your pet with you and they still need your attention.

If you are travelling via public transportation, make sure to ask the transportation company about their rules too.

With all these tips, you can now enjoy your holiday with your pet. Just always remember that the key here is to gather information. Bringing a pet to another country is not easy. It can be challenging sometimes. Ask the embassy, airline, and your hotel about their rules and regulations in travelling with pets.

Lifetime Traveller Tip:

Keeping your pet safe and healthy while travelling requires a certain amount of planning and time. However, it is worth the time. You will both relish the trip more and ready to dive into your next travel adventure!

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Tips for Travelling with Pets, your ultimate guide by Lifetime Traveller
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