To do When You’re Not Travelling by Lifetime Traveller

To do When You’re Not Travelling by lifetime traveller

This year, 2020 might be the hardest year for everyone. We stayed home for a couple of months without going out. I know how hard it is. And now, some countries are suffering from the second wave of lockdown due to the pandemic. So, here are your tips and things to do when you’re not travelling. Tips that will surely make you productive still while staying at home.

I know it’s been hard these past months. This is because of the Covid19 pandemic. Everything stopped including the travel and tourism industry. I lost my very first job in Italy and didn’t even have the chance to start working on that property. I signed the contract and when I am about to start, covid came. It is sad, I know.

We have to be productive, I know. Behind all the restrictions implemented by the government, let us not forget to stay happy and keep our lives going. So, let me help you plan your travel while not being able to travel.

So, let us get started.

To do When You’re Not Travelling

I made a list of things that you can possibly do when you’re not travelling. These “To do When You’re Not Travelling” tips will surely guide you for better travelling for your next trip.

1. Organize your Gallery

Sometimes, during our travel trips, it is hard to organize our photo albums. Then, now it is time to organize them. Open all your photos and arrange them accordingly. You may want to organize them by date, by destinations, or by type of photos. There are plenty of ways to organize your photo albums. Probably you have thousands of photos in your gallery and you may want to arrange them.

Also, you may want to get rid of the blurred and unwanted videos and images. For those photos that have less value to you, it is time to say good-bye and place them in your phone bin. Now is a great time to fix your gallery photo albums.

So, go and organize your photo albums when you’re not travelling!

2. Plan your next Trip

Next on our ‘to do when you’re not travelling’ is planning your next trip. While waiting for the borders to open back again, you may want to check on which destination you would like to visit next. Amid the covid19, the internet is still working. So, spare some time to check online if which places you would like to visit next after we clear out from the pandemic. Grab a pen and paper and list down your target destinations and hotels. After that, try to see your budget. In planning a trip, be realistic.

Covid19 Packing Checklist Before Travelling

tips on planning your next trip- Plan Your Next Trip The Easiest Way, to do when you're not travelling
Tips on planning your next trip- Plan Your Next Trip The Easiest Way.

Figure out your next destinations. Commence searching for your next city, mountain, beach, and some other destinations on your bucket list. You may be able to get some great deals on future travels right now. Make a list of recommended restaurants with good reviews. Also, check nearby destinations. You may want to start travelling again to the cities near you. If you’re thinking of going to a big city like Rome or London you may also want to check some places with fewer tourists to get that authentic “locals” experience in a big city.

3. Write About Places You’ve Already Been

You may want to share your previous travel experiences. Share with the world regarding your previous trips. Grab a pen and paper or your computer and start writing. There are thousands of people waiting for your travel experiences. You can share it through a blog or social media. Share your incredible memories. Often there simply isn’t time to write about these amazing experiences while you’re in the midst of an adventure. Therefore, make the most of your time at home to pen some great stories.

Boredom strikes? Then start writing about the places you’ve been. When you’re not travelling, open your tripadvisor or google places and start giving reviews on the places you’ve been. Be an online travel guide. Help other travellers through your reviews.

4. Start Saving for your Next Trip

After planning your next trip and checking your budget, then it is time to start saving. There are plenty of ways to save money. Always remember that travelling should not be expensive.

Focus on your stay and experience, not your wallet.

Jeric Urbayo

Don’t think about your credit card, think about your budget and savings. Sure you could put it on a credit card, but there’s nothing like being on a trip that’s paid for.

When you’re not travelling, start saving for your next adventures.

5. Build your Network

Tired of solo travelling? Then, it is time to expand and grow your network. Gather and make some friends. Check some friends who would like to travel with you on your next trips. Moreover, there are thousands of travellers online who are looking for travel buddies. However, just be safe in choosing one. You may want to discuss your plans and trips together. As a result, you get some more ideas about destinations and deals. They might give you some hints and better deals for your next trips. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with growing your circle of friends, right?

Be friendly while not travelling. Connect with other travellers and get some ideas. Join some communities and groups on social media like Facebook. In fact, we have a travel group on Facebook where you can share your ideas, photos, and videos about travelling.

There are so many things you can do when you’re not travelling. However, these tips will surely help you with your next travel adventures. For now, check the restrictions in your area and the landing destinations as part of your travel planning.

Stay safe!

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