Top 10 Cheapest Destinations You Should Not Miss In 2022

Cheapest Destinations You Should Not Miss In 2022, Palawan Philippines Beach,

The year 2022 has come up with a fresh spell of air for the travel freaks. As the waves of the Covid-19 pandemic are blurring off, all leading countries are returning to a new-normal lifestyle. In such a situation, most people plan for their new trips, and some think about where to start. Therefore, here are the top cheapest destinations you should not miss and consider in 2022.

If you are one of the above types, this article can help you. Here, you can learn about the ten cheapest destinations you should never miss in 2022. But wait, if you haven’t planned your trip yet, make sure to pack your luggage well. Well, it is a fact that you cannot plan for multiple trips in a year, but you can pick one from the following:

Ten Cheapest Destinations Of The World

Here are the best picks for the cheapest destinations in the world. Take a look at the top ten cheapest destinations you should consider and not miss in 2022:

1. Vietnam

Vietnam – Timeless Charm”. Firstly, you must visit Vietnam. Vietnam is a country where you can spend a full day for only $30. This country has a lot of places that can be the best destinations for couples. There are beaches and jungles in Vietnam where you can spend a lot of time and feel rejuvenated.

Moreover, street food and transportation are also very cheap in the country. So, you can plan for a good week’s trip here.

2. Indonesia

“Wonderful Indonesia”. You can visit Indonesia on a cheap budget in 2022. However, the only thing you should keep in mind is not spending much on transportation. If you are into beaches, Indonesia can be heaven for you. It has got a number of beaches, and you can get enough time to indulge in water activities. 

No matter if you are travelling on road or on the sea, you can take public transport. Your budget can rise up to heights if you take private transport. Well, you would be amazed to know that you can spend an entire day in Indonesia is only $30. 

3. Malaysia

“Malaysia Truly Asia”. As everyone knows, Malaysia is considered one of the most progressive and developed South Asian countries. As a result, most travellers consider it expensive. However, it is just a myth. If you are on a trip to Malaysia, you can explore the country and talk with the locals. 

Also, even water sports are quite affordable. A train journey can cost you $8 overnight from Kuala Lumpur to Perhentian Island. So, you can imagine how cheap a country it is. Moreover, you can taste Malaysian cuisine at a low cost. It would cost you only $5 to $ 10 a day.

4. Sri Lanka

So Sri Lanka“. Many places in Sri Lanka can be the perfect destination for couples. It is also called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean and you can enjoy a trip in this country on a backpacker’s budget. Moreover, you can check out a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Food, accommodations, and transports are also really cheap in Sri Lanka. However, the only thing you need to keep in mind is not facing any kind of scams. Remember, the only way to get rid of such problems is to communicate with the local guide as you are on the trip. 

5. India

“Incredible India!” When you think about the cheapest destinations to visit in the world, you probably cannot overlook India. However, it is a large country and you would not be able to cover it in a few days. As per the planning is concerned, you can set a trip to the top places of honeymoon in India. Try checking out places like Manali, Goa, Kolkata, Delhi, and Agra if you are visiting India.

The best you can do is check for the climate and Covid norms before you start the trip. Also remember that in, the peak seasons, accommodations and transport might not be easily available. So, always try to plan a trip to India early. The approximate cost of staying in India is $20. Minor variations can occur depending on where you are and how luxuriously your stay.

6. Nepal 

Lifetime experiences”. Nepal is yet another Asian country that shares its border with India. This Himalayan country can be the perfect tripping destination for people who are looking for budget trips. There are some marvellous cities in Nepal that you can visit while on your trip. They are Pokhara, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Nagarkot. 

You can even visit Nepal for trekking. A day’s cost in Nepal can be something around $15 to $20. Nepal is largely dependent on tourism and you can get proper transportation and accommodation even during the seasons. However, if you are visiting during the winter, get the information if the weather is stable.

7. The Philippines

“It is more fun in the Philippines”. The Philippines is a small country from far east Asia. Most tourists think it to be a costly country but actually, it is not. You would only need to spend $35 living in The Philippines. Mostly, the country can give you several options to go for a dive and indulge in water activities.

Apart from it, you can also have a comforting leisure time in the country. So, if you are alone or with your partner, make sure to visit The Philippines in 2020. 

8. Kyrgyzstan

“So much to Discover”. If you are into mountains and highlands and looking for a cheap destination to go to, visit Kyrgyzstan. It is a small country in Central Asia and you can get a good chance to explore nature here. However, try not to visit this country during the winter. Instead, choose autumn. 

9. Greece

“Greece all time classic”. A budget trip to Greece can always stay in your mind. You can get a bit of sea and some glimpse of ancient European civilization in the country. Try to have a picnic on the seashore while you are out.

10. The Czech Republic

Land of Stories”. Lastly, The Czech Republic. As the European hostel culture is present in the Czech Republic, you can have a trip at a low cost here. Visit Prague and have fun among the locals. Moreover, you may also visit some beautiful places. For example, Telc and Český Krumlov in the country. 

Final Words

I hope you like our top ten cheapest destinations you should not miss in 2022. As a traveller, you should not ever think that finding a cheap tourist destination would be tough. All you would need to do is find a country and the best season to visit it. Now, always try to visit a place during the end season to get everything cheap.

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