Top Tips for Traveling and Photography in London, UK

Tips for Traveling and Photography in London, Tower Bridge, London, UK

As we all know, London is one of the most progressive and largest cities in the world. The city is known for its incredible and beautiful landscapes. Travelers can find inspiring views from epic cityscapes to ornate details. If you come with your camera or a photographer looking for incredible photos to post on your social networks or website, you will be able to capture remarkable places and things in this great city. However, if you plan to travel to London and take some photos for your gallery, here are a couple of 7 tips on how to travel and take pictures in the UK London. These tips for traveling and photography in London will make your trip worth it.

Tips for Traveling and Photography in London

There are plenty of travel tips out there. But, tips for traveling and photography in London in few. This is one of the reasons how I came up with different tips. Based on my experiences.

tips for traveling and photography in London, woman, London, telephone, snow
A romantic young woman wears a gray coat walking down the street with a phone booth in the background. Outdoor portrait of wonderful girl with brown backpack spending time in winter park near call-box.
Photo by: Arizona State University via Mahadi Hasan Rabbi

1. Wake Up Earlier 

Travelers tend to forget about this. We recommend that you plan to explore London and take photos to wake up earlier like a bird. The only ingredient that makes a difference in your photos is light, and the best light is usually found in the morning hours. This soft light, illuminated by the low sun, reduces contrast and gives your photos a warm glow. Another benefit of taking pictures in the morning is avoiding the crowds. Sometimes you will shoot outstanding photos that do not require professional photo retouching. Because it already looks awesome.

2. Don’t Overload Yourself. 

Taking photos while traveling is one of the most exciting and inspiring activities. That excitement can make you get carried away at times when you start to think about what to wear and what to carry. While shipping all your tools overseas would be great, practical things like baggage allowance and insurance costs might mean it would be better to rent equipment or choose fewer items on arrival.

Ideally, if you choose to take your tools with you, you will be asked to travel light. Don’t stress your body with heavy accessories; carry simple accessories like memory cards, a portable storage drive, a selection of lenses, a lightweight mini tripod, and a camera bag that evenly distributes the weight on the shoulders and protects from cold, heat, sand, and humidity

3. Make Sure You Thoroughly Research Your Locations.

Before starting your trip, be sure to do good research on the places you plan to explore. Start by drawing inspiration from other photographers to know more about classic shots. Then proceed to aerial photography using Google Maps to get the lesser-known places with potential. I always advise people to list the public places and the particular places they have explored and add additional details about each area to know what to expect. Also, try to know the weather in each location and get an idea of what can happen during the tour; then, you are ready for anything. These lights always play a crucial role in landscape photography.

It is essential to keep the direction of the sun. In this way, you will find the best light in each place, knowing what time of day you are visiting. Don’t rush to get an ideal shot; take your time and move around the venue perusing different compositions. You will be satisfied when you find the right one; wait for the light.

4. Carry Extra Batteries 

Many travelers forget that. Don’t forget to bring spare batteries. There is nothing worse than being in a beautiful place with incredible epic landscapes, and all you have is dead batteries. So before you step out from your place, make sure you have an extra charged battery and ensure you have a few spare parts available in your pocket. Remember, batteries drain faster in cold weather. Always carry spare batteries when filming in colder climates.

5. Learn More About Post-Processing

A lot of photographers tend to assume this. Even if it seems ridiculous and you are cheating, make sure you have specialized editing software. We all know that many professional photographers use this software to take their digital photos like GIMP, Lightroom, etc. Post-processing helps a lot of people get perfect images. Learn how to process your images after capture instantly. Learn how to improve contrast, sharpen images, soften tones, reduce sensor noise, and enhance shadows. This process will help you improve your travel photography in London.

Tower Bridge, London, UK, river
Tower Bridge, London, UK.
Photo by: Arizona State University via Mahadi Hasan Rabbi

6. Make a Backup of Your Photos.

Do not start recording without a proper backup. It is always recommended that you bring an external hard drive to save your photos after taking them. Nothing is embarrassing, like when technology fails, and many beautiful images are lost. Avoid that stress and get a system that works to store images safely.

7. Add a Little Human Element.

Get in the habit of adding people to your photos. Yes, landscapes create amazing images, but making sure to add people to your photos will enrich your photos even more. By including a person in your pictures, be it a model or a passerby, you help your viewer recognize the scene quickly and provide a sense of proportion to the surroundings. Catching a small group of people is especially effective when you show the contrast between people and nature; it may include an epic feel to your landscapes.


In conclusion, as a professional photographer, you have to carry valuable equipment, and not every place you travel is safe. So be careful and try to do a little research on the area you want to explore before the actual day. With our tips above, you can safely travel to London, take your photos and post them on your social media channels to generate traffic.

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