Travel Tip: How to Stay for FREE at a Hotel

Travel Tip: How to Stay for FREE at a Hotel

Everyone loves FREE. Who doesn’t? What if I tell you that you can stay at a hotel for free? How to stay for FREE at a hotel? Let me unmask it.

Travel Tip: How to get complimentary hotel nights?

Have you planned your next trip? How much are you willing to spend again? How to make a great trip without breaking your bank? Easy, get discounted accommodations and transfers. Want to get a free stay in a hotel? Let me explain.

In my previous articles, I have shared some tips on how to save money while travelling. I have previously explained how to get the most discounted and best room rate and best deal at a luxury or boutique hotel, to save you a lot of money and not break your wallet. So, today, I would like to take it one step further and explain how to stay for FREE at a hotel. I am currently working in a hotel and I really know what I am talking about here. I would like to uncover the secrets of how to get a good discounted room rate or even a FREE stay. One of the best perks that a hotel could give you is a FREE stay.

Thus, a complimentary stay for a night or more is the ultimate hotel perk and a lot better than searching for a good deal as it makes you feel special. So, let us dive in. Continue reading and be inspired with the tips on how to get complimentary hotel nights.

1. Join Hotel Loyalty Program

Nowadays, most of the biggest hotel chains have their own loyalty program. Earn points and be rewarded with perks. Moreover, members of these loyalty reward programs also get valuable benefits such as FREE upgrades, flexy check-in and check-out, WiFi, and complimentary breakfast. It is very simple. Go directly to the official hotels’ website, and join their loyalty program.

This list will be your guide on which hotel loyalty program is just right for you:

  • The number of hotels owned by the chain (as the larger chains offer more options to earn and redeem valuable points)
  • The perks that are most valuable to you
  • Which countries you usually enjoy and go (as certain chains are better represented in some countries as compared to others)
  • The type of hotel you want to stay at (ranging from budget to ultraluxurious)

Loyalty rewards programs make you earn points to be converted as money and use it for freebies in the hotel. So, grab it! Sign up now!

2. Join the Travel Industry

Events planners travel journalists, travel agents, and other industry insiders usually get complimentary hotel stays as a reward for bringing business and customers to the hotel. Hotels are rarely fully occupied. There are usually available rooms in the hotel. So, the hotels usually give a free stay to the travel industry insiders as a sign of appreciation.

Don’t be afraid to ask for free nights. You deserve it after a long journey on the road and bringing business to the hotel.

3. Book Directly to the Hotels’ Website

Yes, directly to the hotel website. I want to be honest. Usually, booking through OTAs is cheaper than the hotel website. But, if you are really into earning loyalty points to use for FREE and complimentary stay, then book directly to the hotels’ official websites. Moreover, some hotels randomly give free night stays for those who booked multiple nights to the hotel.

Free upgrades. Yes, you will be given a higher chance to be upgraded for free than those guests who booked through third-party agencies.

4. Complain about Troubling Experience

How to Stay for FREE at a hotel with lifetime traveller
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I am not teaching you to go to the front desk and scream. But, wait. Did you experience some troubles? You have the right to speak up.

A hotel stay can be an unpleasant or nightmare when things do not go as according to the plan. I have experienced several times having unpleasant stays in different hotels. When confronted with a huge inconvenience that is audibly the responsibility of the hotel, then politely approach the front desk and mention your concern. This way, you may get a chance to get a free hotel stay.

For example, I stayed in one of the hotels in Manila, Philippines years ago. The room was ‘suite’. I was enjoying the room and preparing to go out and seize my day. All of a sudden, while I was in the main bedroom, I heard the door open. When I looked at my back, I saw a housekeeper inside my room. I was in shock. I was not wearing anything and he was standing right behind me holding rags and chemicals. He apologized and run out of the room. I put my robe on and made sure to close the door. I reposted the incident immediately as it was very ashaming. To cut the story short, the hotel manager was very sorry for what happened and refunded some of the nights of the hotel stay.

See? If you think you are right, then complain. You have the right to speak and tell how you feel. You will never know if they give you a voucher for a free stay for your future trip or refund your money.

Again, we have the right to speak up and get compensated for the troubles the hotel has caused.

5. Use your Social Media Presence

Do you have the right number of followers and views on your social accounts? Yes, you can absolutely use your social media handles to get a free hotel stay. Be an influencer. Most of the hotel chains are working with social media influencers. They use them as a form of advertisement. Many hotels are offering free stays in exchange for recognition on social media. If you have 50,000 followers, then you can start from there as an influencer. Moreover, if your social media profile matches the hotel brand’s needs, then there’s a big chance that you will be offered perks, freebies, ranging from discounts to free nights in the hotel, as long as you promise to promote the hotel during your stay.

A friend of mine, who is an influencer stayed in Burj Al Arab recently for free.

6. Contact The Sales and Marketing Team

Oh yeah! Call the salespeople and negotiate. Don’t just rely on your OTAs. Make a call and ask for the direct email of the sales and marketing of the hotel. This is applicable mostly if you are staying for multiple nights and weeks. Mention to them that you are intending to stay for nights and you would like to get the best rate. There is a chance that they might give you a free night if you book a week or more. There is a big difference when booking through a travel agency, direct booking through the website, telephone booking, and emailing the salespeople. Salespeople want you. They have a quota to reach and the front desk doesn’t.

Sales and marketing are very helpful in giving you a free stay. Contact them and book your stay.

7. Use your Professional Profile

Firstly, I have seen so many high-end professionals having free stays in the hotel. In addition, apart from having a free stay, they are also being tagged as VIPs. CEOs, Presidents, Influencers, High-rank managers, sometimes they give them freebies. Most especially if they have been staying at the hotel several times for business. During their holidays, they may get free hotel stays as they have been loyal to the hotel during their business trips.

You may ask your secretary or do the booking yourself using your company email. For sure, the hotel would be very happy to accommodate you for free even without a suit and tie.

So, to get a free stay, use your professional profile and use your connection.

8. Mention Special Occasions

Hey! Wait, staying in the hotel for multiple nights and celebrating your birthday? Okay, don’t fail to mention that. Tell the hotel staff that you are staying there for your birthday or any special occasion (honeymoon, anniversary, first outside country trip, etc.) that you are celebrating. There is a chance that they might give you a free night out of your multiple nights stay. If not, they might give you a better rate than what you have. In addition, they might also give you freebies. You’ll never know. People who stay in the hotel to celebrate occasions usually being tagged as VIPs. So, don’t be shy telling them about your special occasion.

9. Work for a Hotel

Most of the hotel chains give their employees perks on hotels stayover within their brands. If you are a hotelier, you may want to check on benefits. Most of the hotels give free stays to their loyal employees. Check on your human resources team about your benefits in discounts and freebies. You will never know, you already have been with the company for five years and you are already entitled to a couple of nights free stay with the same brand or sister’s company.

So, there are tips on how to stay for FREE at a hotel. Maximize your hotel stay with these free tips. Use them, they are absolutely free too. Moreover, there is nothing wrong with free. It is so good to receive freebies. It is very rewarding and satisfying.

Lifetime Traveller’s Travel Tips:

Travelling should not be expensive. Bargain without jeopardising your stay.

Do you have more tips and experiences to share? Let the world hear you. Contact us and let us listen to your travel tips and stories!

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