Travel Tips 2021- Choose your Travel Diary to Fill in!

Travel Tips 2021- Choose your Travel Diary to Fill in!

In this new article, I want to tackle a subject that can concern all travel. The travel tips 2021- choose your travel diary to fill in!

Indeed, the travel diary to fill in is an element more and more popular with globetrotters but also occasional travelers. These travel diaries, or road-books, have many advantages, which is what we will see later in this article. They can also make the perfect gift for travelers.

But then the question that you can ask yourself before embarking on a travel journal is: how to choose the right travel diary to fill out? A question to which I will try to answer as clearly as possible, by providing you with all the important and necessary elements so that you can choose the travel diary to fill out that best suits you!

What is a travel diary?

Let’s start with a little reminder, or rather a clarification, on what a travel journal is. In the spirit of this article, a travel journal will be a small notebook that will follow you during your stay and in which you can fill in a whole lot of things. The idea of ​​the travel diary will be to retrace your journey, step by step, and to note the more or less important experiences that you will have lived and that you want to remember.

We will see later that there are different forms of travel diaries and that each diary is specific to its owner, to the person who fills it out and embellishes it.

Why take a travel diary with you?

The reasons why you will take a travel diary can be many and varied, but above all, they depend on each of us. So let’s take a quick look at these different reasons, and don’t hesitate to tell me yours in the comments if they are not mentioned here:

  • Immortalize your memories
    The main reason will be to keep many memories of your travels. Often, a few years later, your memories are less precise, you tend to forget certain less important or less striking details. Do not remember the name of the delicious restaurant you found or the charming guest room where you stayed. So take a travel diary with you, allowing you to fill it out throughout your stay and thus remember your trip in detail when you pick up this precious diary some time later.
  • Give your tickets a second life
    But taking a travel diary with you is also a solution not to throw away all the tickets and brochures that you collect during your stay: stick them or slip them in a souvenir envelope, you will give a second life to all these little pieces of paper!
  • Expressing your artistic side
    This is a good reason to always have your travel journal with you! Most travel diaries offer more or less blank pages so that you can draw as you see fit, or paste your photos, … The ways to express your artistic side are endless, even more when you travel and discover new things. new horizons, new places, landscapes or new people.
  • Keeping the children busy
    Yes, a reason that is often forgotten, but having a travel diary to fill in can save a few hours of waiting, a few evenings at a restaurant,… Drawing, ticking boxes, filling in blanks,… are all activities very popular with children. So why not give them the opportunity to fill out their own travel diary?

How to choose the best travel diary?

Here is a big question! The choice of your notebook will depend on the use you want to make of it. To help you see more clearly, let’s take a quick tour of the types of notebooks you can choose.

The blank notebook

The simplest and probably the most common notebook: a blank notebook. It is simply made up of blank pages to fill in. You can choose pages with lines, points or nothing. It will depend on whether you want to write, sketch or draw instead.

The advantages: this notebook adapts to all situations and all destinations. You can have one always with you, it will always be useful to you. You will be able to fill what you want when you want.

The dedicated travel diary

Depending on the trip you are planning, you may be more likely to be interested in a travel diary to fill out specific to your future destination like Megeve, Bali, Dubai. And how is this notebook specific to a destination? Quite simply because you will find many elements inside which will be specific to the country or the city you are about to visit: a map of the country, travel advice for this country,… For certain information such as the weather forecast by example, you will only have to tick one box,… This type of travel diary to fill in can very well be addressed to adults, as to children because a free space is provided for each of your stages: drawing, coloring, stories, photos,… You can fill this page as you see fit!

 Benefits :

  • multiple themes and multiple destinations are available, so you can start building a collection of your completed travel diaries.
  • You can also start filling it out before you even leave. Indeed, the pages of the to-do-list or for your itinerary can be filled upstream. A taste of travel!
  • These travel diaries to fill out also include a practical advice section depending on the destination or the theme of the diary. These tips can be of great help to you before but also during the trip.

Alternative: scratch cards, pin cards, …

More and more widespread, many models of fun and interactive cards are emerging. Depending on the models and sizes, they can be an alternative, or an excellent addition, to your travel diary to fill out.

Some cards are scratch-off , depending on the countries or regions you have already visited. Others are larger and are intended to receive small pins to remind you of your various trips. Many variations exist.

The advantages: this system is very visual and easy to use. For scratch cards, there are some in small format, so you can carry them with you and your notebook to fill out. The large formats are not transportable but they can be the object of a decoration for your office, living room, bedroom, …

The disadvantage: the main disadvantage compared to the travel diary to be completed will be that this format is not intended to tell about your stay. You will only keep the places visited as a souvenir, nothing more. Hence the interest in choosing a travel diary to fill in as a supplement.

So, which travel diary to choose?

The answer will mainly depend on you.Not being a great designer or artist, I like the side:

  • 1 part to be completed on the stage
  • and 1 free part to tell about my stage, my anecdotes, …

Tips for completing your travel diary

Now that you know why you have to leave equipped with a travel journal to fill in, and how to choose the best journal, here are some tips for creating and completing this one!

Choose the right material

Once you have the travel journal of your dreams, remember to equip yourself correctly: pencils, pens, markers,… Think about the different colors you will want to use.

If you plan to glue elements and decorate your notebook, then also think about getting the necessary: ​​small stick of glue, pretty masking tape or paper clips, …

Print your photos as you go

To fill out your travel diary as you go along, it may be necessary to be able to quickly have access to your main photos. Two solutions are possible!

  • The instant camera:
    The first is to opt for an instant camera . It will allow you to immediately see the photos you have just shot. The photo format is smaller than traditional photos, so you can easily insert them into your travel journal.
  • The travel printer:
    The second possibility is to opt for a portable printer. All you have to do is connect it to your phone and print the photos you want to include in your travel journal. It is small and very practical to use when traveling!

Organize your equipment

Now that you are well equipped to fill your travel journal, I recommend that you opt for a small storage pouch. This will allow you to group all your “travel diary” material in the same place.

It also helps protect the whole! In fact, when traveling, you will not be sheltered from a bag drop, an overturned bottle or a heavy downpour. All of this could damage the notebook as well as your pencils, glue, tape, camera, printer, etc.

So choose a small waterproof pouch that can accommodate all of your equipment, notebook included. Do not hesitate to organize your different supplies with a pencil case for example.

Fill out the My Travel Memories notebooks

These notebooks have the specificity of being personalized according to the destination or the theme. Inside you will find:

  • tips for preparing your stay: these tips are adapted to the country or the theme of the notebook;
  • a blank page to glue an envelope intended to keep small papers that you will not have glued on other pages;
  • a to-do-list: complete this to-do-list before and during your stay and remember to check what you have achieved as you go;
  • a large map of the country or the world according to the theme: trace your route on this large map. It will allow you to have an overview of your stay;
  • a summary: step by step, fill in your summary and the pages to access it more quickly;
  • stage pages: made up of a page on practical information about your stage (date, place, weather forecast, accommodation, good addresses) and a blank page so that you can tell your stage or paste memories, draw, etc.

Whether you opt for a blank notebook or a My Travel Memories travel diary, this is the perfect opportunity to start a collection of items that have untold sentimental value and above all, that are absolutely unique! So hope you continue to travel and that your collection grows year after year!

Happy travelling!

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  1. Way cool idea Julien. I record my travels through my blog but maintaining a travel diary also feels like a fun way to log my travels, old skool style. Pen, pad and a reminder of what it takes to engage in handwriting LOL. I can type fairly well but whenever I write my name – or anything – the chicken scratch begins.


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