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Undying Beauty Of Florence, Italy

Today’s walk

Florence really has undying beauty. The city of Florence is a small town in the Tuscany region that has a lot of history. You can easily go around the city center without taking a cab or transportation. It is also a very diverse city. Look to the left and look to the right, you will see a lot of expats. But after easing the quarantine last March 4, 2020, how is Florence today?

As I walked today in the center at 16:00, I felt really amazed. Why? Because Florence is simply always Florence. Florence is still beautiful and has plenty to offer. This city is quiet. It is often crowded. People are complying with the regulation with the practice of social distancing and masks wearing. As I was sitting in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella, I saw a father and his daughter, happy and playing around with the birds. Until this happened,

father hugging her daughter in front of the Basilica of Santa Mara Novella

Then I said to myself, “this is the beginning of our new lives”. The two were very happy and seems like they missed their father-daughter hangouts. This is proof that Florence is still alive and ready to cater tourists who wish to visit and experience it.

Florence is just waiting. Waiting to finish the quarantine and to be visited by people.

Fountain lying below Piazza di Michelangelo

Florence as of today

Today is another day. Another day to witness the undying beauty of Florence. There is plenty of reasons why we should stay and live in Florence. I created a separate article for that. Please click HERE. Also check the other site for more information regarding Florence, Drink Inquirer

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your staycation with the family and friends in Florence!

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