Visit Green Planet Dubai and Enjoy the Vacation

Lifetime Traveller in UAE- Visit Green Planet Dubai and Enjoy the Vacation

Firstly, Dubai is a city known for its amazing and unique parks, beaches, museums, and infrastructure. The city offers everything from thrill, excitement, fun, adventure to peace, nature, and meditation. If you are a nature enthusiast and are planning a trip to Dubai, then before visiting other places, you must visit The Green Planet. Away from the hot and humid atmosphere of Dubai, The Green Planet is a cool place full of nature and exotic species of flora and fauna.

About The Green Planet

So, the Green Planet is an indoor rainforest with fascinating animals and plants. The park aims to educate the visitor about the importance of the tropical rainforest and the need for the tropical rain forest for the future generation and for the planet. The place is perfect for a good day with family. The planet is a different world within an artificial glass dome.

The Green Planet is one of the major tourist attractions of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Nature lovers from across the globe come here for rejuvenation. The Green Planet gives the exact feel of exploring a tropical rainforest. The place is the best blend of nature and science. The Green Planet is expanded to about an area of 60,000 square feet.

The Green Planet is the United Arab Emirates’ first of its kind of artificial bio-dome. The place holds an engrossing beauty of flora and fauna. It has more than three thousand animals and plants altogether. It has a massive twenty-five-meter artificial Kapak styled tree. The tree is made up of vines and figs and is home to the many animals, plants, and bird species in the park. Not only watching the species but the park also allows you to have interaction with them and you can learn about their habitat and their specialties as well.

Four Layers of the Green Planet

The Green Planet is divided into four different levels. You can either explore the four floors by walking on the walkway built around the tree or you can explore them by elevator.

The four floors are:

  • The Canopy – It is at a distance of 30-40 meters from the ground level. The Canopy is the place where the sunlight and the rainfall are diffused.
  • The Midstory –  The Midstory is the middle layer that gives information about the rainforest and its largest leaves.
  • Forest Floor –  The floor is the home to diversities of animals.
  • Flooded Rainforest –  This area of the green planet has exotic animals that only live in wet environments.

Activities at The Green Planet

  • Exploring the Rainforest-

The Green Planet is a fascinating place and here you get an opportunity to spend time close to nature. Here you can make your day by exploring the wide ranges of South American plants, exotic flowers, toucans, parrots, tree boas, and many more different species. Walking in the jungle within the dome and getting close to nature is the best adventure to experience. Apart from just watching them, you can also learn about them. This can be an amalgamation of adventure and education.

  • The Encounters

Encountering animals lets you learn more about them. In an Encounter with the Sloth, you will learn that they sleep for more than 15 hours, and they often hang upside down from the trees. Also, the Sugar Glider Encounter activity takes place at 3:30 Pm that gives you a glimpse of the palm-sized possums that are nocturnal by nature.

  • The Bat Cave

In the Bat Cave of the Green Planet, you can get an opportunity to be around these breathtaking mammals. The Cave also shows how Seba fruit bats live in their natural habitat. The bats are known for their amazing flying skills.

Why Should You Visit The Green Planet?

  • There is no other natural attraction like this in the United Arab Emirates.
  • It Comes under the category of the major tourist attraction of Dubai.
  • You can get an opportunity to touch, feed, and learn about exotic species.
  • A visit to The Green Planet will surely make your Dubai tour better.
  • The attraction at the city walk is the first bio-dome.
  • The Green Planet is one of the rarest places to have a blend of nature and science.
  • Catch up on the different kinds of birds flying freely over your head. 
  • The place makes happy and satisfied visitors of all ages.

 Important Things You Should Know Before Visiting The Green Planet

  • All the visitors coming here should follow the policies and guidelines set by The Green Planet.
  • The visitors must follow the verbal instructions given by the team members of the Green Planet.
  • The cameras are allowed here but you should use them without flash.
  • For the safety reasons of the animals, refrain from touching, feeding, and handling these delicate species.
  • The visitors must avail of a valid ticket.
  • Under-aged children must be supervised by an adult.
  • Make sure to not leave any valuable things there as it will not be the responsibility of The Green Planet.
  • Food and any eatables are not allowed inside the premises.
  • Always carry an extra pair of socks, caps, and walking shoes to avoid any discomfort.
  • The Green Planet is wheelchair accessible, so if any of your family members is wheelchair-bound, you can also take him/her for the tour.

Location and Timings

The Green Planet is located at Al Safa St- Al Wasi, Dubai. The timing for the visit is 10 AM to 6 PM, every day.


If you are a nature lover and keen to learn more about different species of flora and fauna, then The Green Planet is waiting for you. The Green Planet is one of the top places you should visit in the heartland of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai.

You will never regret the decision of coming here. A green haven amidst the urban jungle, the Green Planet is a place where you would want to come back again and again. Moreover, this place would definitely leave you awe-stuck. So, don’t waste your time. Book your tickets beforehand, visit The Green Planet, and enjoy the vacation!

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