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Why share travel experiences


I dreamt of traveling the world at 15. I always wanted to share my stories and experiences. Now that I started my dream, it is now my time to share with you the things that I am learning. But, for my co-travelers, why care to share your own travel experiences? Here are the reasons why.

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Inspire others to travel

Why Share Travel Experiences? Travelling can be tiring but full of fun and adventure. Seeing different destinations and experiencing new things are heaven.

Virtual traveling

Another reason why we share travel experiences- making people travel virtually. Not everyone has the opportunity to travel. Some of us have their own reasons for not traveling. Through virtual traveling, you would be able to see and learn from others’ experiences.

Others learn from your mistakes

Another reason why sharing travel experiences is to avoid continuous mistakes. Giving new tips and guide for new travelers is a very good thing. We do not want them to repeat what we’ve missed and mistakes while traveling. For example, last 2018, I didn’t check very carefully the expiration date of my passport before booking. I get to know that my passport was only valid for 5 months and our trip is in 3 days. As a result, I ruined our new year holiday in Bali, Indonesia.

Our tips and guidelines are very helpful for other travelers. We do not just travel but we also share our experiences.

There are always more stories and experiences to be shared. You may find yourself years after you’ve returned using a story from your travels as a metaphor for something going on in your life in the present. You never know what lessons you will continue learning from your time abroad long after you are home.

Why share travel experiences? Because we are responsible travelers. We do not just travel, we also inspire. Inspire others by sharing the steps we did, the preparation, and the feeling of conquering the world.

You may also want to share your travel adventures with us! Email your experiences at contact@lifetimetraveller.com. You may fill out and submit the form through our write for us.

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